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Who We Are

For two decades, internationally recognized wedding expert Linda Kevich, the founder and creator of SuperWeddings.com, has been showing couples how to have the weddings of their dreams – without breaking the bank to do it!  Her mission for SuperWeddings.com is to bring you the inspiration and ideas to help you transform your wedding dreams into you DREAM wedding.

Ms. Kevich began her career in 1991 as a professional wedding consultant and has extensive experience in a wide range of sectors of the wedding industry. Her weekly syndicated newspaper column (launched in February 2009) is seen in newspapers across the USA and Canada. She is a powerhouse of knowledge of all aspects of wedding planning. She is also well known for her creative money saving secrets for beautiful weddings, and for her endless supply of creative ideas for making one’s wedding more memorable, unique, and personalized.

Apart from assisting brides and grooms-to-be, Linda Kevich shares her expertise with other wedding industry professionals as the developer of some of the industry’s leading training programs for wedding professionals. She is the developer and head instructor of one of the industry’s first training and certification programs in the world for professional wedding planners, and played a major role in pioneering and developing the field of wedding planner certification.  Since 1999, she has personally trained and assisted thousands of wedding planners internationally in launching their careers. She is also the founder and head of the International Institute of Weddings, an organization devoted to the provision of in-depth training for wedding professionals, and which is committed to facilitating the highest standards of excellence within the wedding industry.  As a knowledgeable wedding expert, Ms Kevich has been interviewed by and quoted in the national and international media hundreds of times over the past 14 years.

Ms. Kevich has been invited to author books about weddings for major publishers, to host a television series about weddings for the E! Entertainment Network, to appear on major network news-magazine programs, to teach her wedding planner certification curriculum in leading American colleges, and to lead training seminars for wedding and hospitality staff at high-profile resorts and hotel chains.

SuperWeddings.com has been online since January 15, 1999 and was, in fact, among the very first wedding sites on the internet  – before “internet” became a household word (which makes us one of the longest running wedding sites online).  SuperWeddings.com was the first wedding site created by a recognized wedding expert and someone with a hands-on, professional background in weddings. At the time of its launch, what few other sites there were about weddings on the ‘net were all created either by “hobbiests”, or by marketers who recognized an opportunity in wedding related internet sites, but, in fact, had no professional background, experience or knowledge of weddings.

SuperWeddings.com also happens to be the very first wedding site ever to begin publishing pictures online to inspire brides and other wedding professionals with ideas. In those early days, every wedding  site was text-only – not a photo to be found!  Drawing on her real world experience helping brides plan their weddings, she knew brides are visual creatures, so Linda Kevich filled SuperWeddings.com with photos she knew would  inspire and excite them, along with her professional guidance on how the ideas could be adapted for one’s own wedding. As a result, SuperWeddings quickly developed a loyal following – not just of brides, but of wedding planners and wedding professionals around the world as well.  In time, other sites began to follow SuperWeddings’ lead in recognizing the importance of pictures on sites about weddings, and today most wedding related sites feature pictures.  But it all started right here, way back in the day, at SuperWeddings.com!

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