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Picture of wedding reception receiving line.

Wedding Receiving Line

The Wedding Receiving Line Are you up on your wedding receiving line etiquette?  Here’s everything you need to know from a recognized wedding planning expert! ~ By Linda Kevich, Editor, A receiving line is always seen at truly formal weddings, or very traditional weddings. The purpose behind the receiving line tradition is to allow the hostess – […]

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Wedding Decoration Ideas & Reception Decorating

Wedding Decorating Ideas

Truly creative wedding decor often goes well beyond ordinary flowers or standard wedding decorations. For an impressively distinctive do-it-yourself wedding, look for wedding decoration ideas and items to decorate your reception in non-typical places – this means looking well beyond the traditional wedding decoration stores, and using a little imagination. This is how the best […]

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Wedding Canopy DIY

Wedding Canopy

  This romantic wedding canopy is the perfect way to add elegance to your wedding decor and dress up an outdoor wedding. It makes a great spot for picture taking, a lovely place to display your wedding cake, or a beautiful focal point and back-drop behind the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. Build […]

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Harley Wedding Ideas

A Harley Theme Wedding

 Harley Themed Wedding Ideas Dear SuperWeddings: I am planning a wedding that is very unique. My future husband and I have a passion for riding motorcycles. We want to turn this into our wedding theme. I  have a few ideas but would love to hear more that would make my guests heads turn. Any ideas?  […]

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Mason Jar Glitter Candle Holder DIY

These DIY glittered mason jar candle holders would look totally terrific on the reception tables at an outdoor wedding, barn wedding, rustic wedding, casual wedding at home, or a shabby-chic style reception.  And they are so easy to DIY.  Scroll down the page for more great photos of glitter mason jar candle holders to inspire you.  […]

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