Birthday Cake Used as a Wedding Cake

Creative Ideas from Budget Brides – Part 16

. My fiance and I are on a super-tight budget. We decided to get our cake from our local grocery store to save money. When we arrived, they just happened to have a very elegant birthday cake (with white icing!) on display. We ended up ordering three of them and decided to make our own […]

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DIY Wedding Reception Food Platters

Brides Wedding Ideas – Save Money on Reception Food

Tip from a Real Bride: If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on reception food, change the time of your wedding. Have a late morning wedding so that the reception will be in the early afternoon. Then just have platters of lunch meat, cheeses, crackers, etc. Things will be much more laid […]

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Fun wedding reception idea - the conga line!

Fun and Sentimental Ideas from Real Weddings

Photo from Fort Myers DJ Here’s a fun wedding reception idea. When it is time for the dancing, the bride and groom head a conga line in which they go around the room and “pick up” all of their guests. This is a great way to get everyone onto the dance floor and loosen them […]

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Table for Remembering Loved Ones at Wedding Reception

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 10

Remembering loved ones who have passed at the wedding:  Both of my grandparents, my fiancee’s grandparents, and his father have all passed away. To “include” them in our ceremony, I will carry in my bouquet a flower of their favorite color. While “our song” is being sang, we will place each flower in a vase […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas for saying thank you at a beach wedding

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 9

Tracey’s Wedding Ideas … Another neat idea instead of a guest book is to have a photograph taken of you are your fiance, have it matted in black, and then when your guests arrive at the reception have them sign and leave a message on the black matting with a silver, white or gold pen. […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas - Lemon Centerpieces

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 8

Wedding Ideas from April and Steve … Thanks for such a great site!! An idea that I am using in my wedding is… I received a case of small glass fish bowl from a previous wedding – free. [Check Craigslist and Freecycle for finds like this! Some people give stuff away after their weddings are […]

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Creative wedding ideas from other brides - guest sign in sheets

Creative Wedding Ideas From Brides – Part 7

Wedding Ideas from Rebecca Like many of you I am on that endless search for fresh, original wedding ideas. So here goes a few… Someone here had the idea to have bridesmaids carry candles instead of bouquets. Well, I simply loved it, but I’m having an outdoor wedding, so wind could cause problems.  The solution […]

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Feather pomander bridesmaid bouquet.

Wedding Pomander Bouquet – Alternative to a Bridal Bouquet

Feather wedding pomander bouquet by A wedding pomander bouquet, otherwise known as a Victorian Kissing Ball, is a floral ball suspended from a ribbon loop, carried in place of a traditional bridal bouquet. Brides who want an alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet may prefer to carry a pomander. Its a nice change for […]

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Red and white cake ideas

7 Stunning Red and White Wedding Cake Ideas

Need inspiration for red and white wedding cake ideas?  We’ve handpicked some of THE most gorgeous red and white wedding cakes from the most talented wedding cake designers in the wedding industry. Check out these stunning red and white wedding cake ideas! This three tier red and white wedding cake features a different style of […]

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Who gets gifts at a wedding - image

Who Gets Gifts at a Wedding?

Gifts from the Bride and Groom – Giving Guidelines Aside from receiving gifts on your wedding day, proper wedding etiquette requires that give a few gifts, too. So who gets gifts at a wedding? Put your most gracious foot forward to ensure that you don’t overlook anyone who should be on your gift list with […]

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DIY Wedding Centerpieces - Gel Candles in Martini Glass

Make Gel Candles for Wedding Centerpieces

Make Martini Glass Gel Candles for wedding centerpieces! DIY! Gel candles in a martini glass make creative DIY Wedding Centerpieces that will not only add style to your wedding, they’ll serve as a great conversation piece among guests at your wedding reception. This project is a fun way to use interesting glasses with classic shapes. […]

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DIY Wedding Favors - Chocolate Bells

DIY Wedding Favors

Painted chocolates make a delightful wedding favor. By tying on a ribbon with your name and date on it, you will have personalized the favors as your very own. People always love chocolate and will be delighted with something that you have personally created for them. Below you will find DIY instructions on making your […]

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