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Picture of DIY wedding centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces DIY

Pretty in Pink Wedding Centerpiece – DIY Wedding Decorations Pretty in Pink Centerpiece Ideas! This centerpiece would be very appropriate for a spring or summer wedding, with its rose petals and soft color. You can easily create a wedding centerpiece like this using fresh rose petals, but we’ll let you in on a little secret […]

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DIY Wedding Centerpieces - Cylinder

DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Cylinders

A fabulous idea for DIY Wedding Centerpieces for the reception. Flowers sit atop tall acrylic cylinder vases, two such vases of differing heights are used for each centerpiece. An ivory pomander (ball bouquet, also known as a Victorian Kissing Ball) of very realistic looking ivory hydrangeas and pale yellow roses is positioned at the mouth of each vase. […]

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Floral covered cake stand/ wedding cake alternative

Cake Stand Wedding Centerpieces – 15 Ideas!

  Pomander flower arrangements on cake stand wedding centerpieces. Photo Credit: Rustoleum  Cake stand centerpieces like this are not only a gorgeous idea for weddings, they are a really lovely idea for bridal shower centerpieces or for engagement parties as well. Because the cake stand adds height to the centerpiece and gives it form and […]

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Simple DIY Centerpiece Idea for a Rustic Wedding or Shabby Chic Wedding

Simple DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Forget the same old, same old wedding centerpieces – this one make’s a great conversation piece at your reception tables, its something guests will really take notice of and enjoy. This simple but super-sweet DIY wedding centerpiece idea is perfect for a country or rustic wedding (see more Rustic Wedding Ideas), or for a wedding […]

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Tall White Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Table Centerpieces

View all Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Wedding Table Centerpieces Dramatic visual impact can be created with wedding centerpieces. With the right ideas, every centerpiece can be stunning, regardless of the budget.  [Scroll to bottom of page for details on the centerpiece shown above.  Photo Credit] You may hear different terms tossed around and might be wondering what […]

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Branches centerpieces with hanging lanterns

Branches Centerpieces with Hanging Lanterns

This “Branches Centerpiece” features candles in hanging lanterns suspended from the branches. A utterly magical mood is evoked from these branches centerpieces, basking in the  warm glow that is emitted from the candles in the hanging  lanterns which dangle from the branches. Large centerpieces created from branches  is a bit of a trend right now […]

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Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces – 4 Glittering Ideas You’ll Love!

Stunning  Christmas wedding centerpieces don’t have to be complicated to create yourself. By simply combining some carefully selected components for your table centerpieces, you can create DIY centerpieces that dazzle. In the same way a recipe is all about selecting the right ingredients, the same can be said when designing wedding centerpieces.  See below for […]

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