Ruffled decorations for wedding reception chairs

Ruffled Wedding Chair Covers – Gorgeous Ideas!

Have we mentioned that ruffles are super-hot right now for wedding decor?  Oh yes we have!  And its easy to see why! Check out all the gorgeous ideas we’ve got for ruffled wedding chair covers that will give your wedding reception that little extra somethin’-somethin’. We’ve talked a lot in other posts about how the […]

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Wedding Cake Table with Ruffled Table Skirt

Wedding Cake Table Decor – Ruffled Skirting

Ooooh-la-la!  Looking for an interesting new way to decorate your wedding cake table so that it makes your wedding cake the star of the reception (read: focal point) – just as its supposed to be? Think ruffled table skirting. When it comes to wedding decor right now, ruffles are it. (See ruffled wedding cakes).  The […]

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Creative Wedding Cake Ideas - Ombre Wedding Cake Alternative

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas – Mini Ombre Cakes

  Looking for wedding cake ideas for small weddings or for a creative wedding cake alternative? These blue ombre mini-cakes are perfect for either scenario. Little individual mini-cakes, about the size of cupcakes, are baked and then decorated in ombre styling.  You could opt for cupcakes and decorate them this way as well (wedding cupcakes are, after […]

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Ruffle Wedding Cake in White

Ruffles Wedding Cake: A Gorgeous New Trend

Ruffles Wedding Cake  Ruffles Wedding Cakes have become really popular and very trendy – just take a look at the pics on this page and you’ll understand why. Above, this breathtaking 2 layer (2-tier) cake is decorated in all white, with the exception of a couple of dusty rose fondant flowers (roses) mixed in with […]

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