Wedding Cake Table with Ruffled Table Skirt

Wedding Cake Table Decor – Ruffled Skirting

Ooooh-la-la!  Looking for an interesting new way to decorate your wedding cake table so that it makes your wedding cake the star of the reception (read: focal point) – just as its supposed to be? Think ruffled table skirting. When it comes to wedding decor right now, ruffles are it. (See ruffled wedding cakes).  The […]

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Ruffle Wedding Cake in White

Ruffles Wedding Cake: A Gorgeous New Trend

Ruffles Wedding Cake  Ruffles Wedding Cakes have become really popular and very trendy – just take a look at the pics on this page and you’ll understand why. Above, this breathtaking 2 layer (2-tier) cake is decorated in all white, with the exception of a couple of dusty rose fondant flowers (roses) mixed in with […]

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