Cocktails at Wedding Reception Host Bar

What Is a Host Bar?

Q: Help! I’ve been invited to a wedding reception and the invitation states “Host Bar”. I have no idea what this means. Can you tell me what “Host Bar” is? A: A “Host Bar” refers to the scenario in which the hosts of the wedding reception (or other event) will provide cocktails and alcoholic beverages […]

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engagement party picture

Proper Timing for Engagement Party

Proper Timing For Engagement Party Q: My sister in-law got engaged on New Year’s Eve. Her mother and I would like to give the couple an engagement party. The wedding is definitely a year and a half to two years away, but we would like to recognize this special occasion. What would you suggest? A:  […]

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Wedding Reception Head Table Picture

Head Table Seating Dilemma

Q: I’m having some problems regarding seating at the head table for my wedding reception. How do I seat guests at the head table? My father-in-law-to-be lost his wife and is dependent on myself and his son for care, and one of our bridesmaids is totally wheel chair bound. Please advise us on the appropriate […]

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Wedding Response Cards Postcard

Using Post Cards as Response Cards

Using Post Cards For Response Cards Q: I liked your idea in the Money Savings Secrets section of this site about saving money on reply cards by using post cards. But, what kind & size of post cards do you suggest? From the post office? Also, how do I print the post cards? On my […]

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wedding reception guests

Un-invited Wedding Guests

Un-Invited Wedding Guests Q: How do you recommend handling a situation in which an invited couple (from the groom’s parent’s list) returns the RSVP card indicating that three people, rather than the invited two people, will attend the wedding and reception? The invitation clearly identified two as the number of invited guests. Thank you Father […]

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Can I Remove a Bridesmaid from the Wedding Party?

Can I Remove a Bridesmaid from the Wedding Party?   Q: I asked a friend to be in my wedding party and now I regret it. I asked my bridesmaids too soon and I am left with one that I am not comfortable with anymore. We aren’t very good friends, in fact we are closer […]

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Reserved Signs for Wedding Ceremony Seating

Wedding Ceremony Seating Protocol

Q: What is the proper timing for seating the immediate family at a wedding ceremony? Answer: Here is a run-down of everything you need to know with regards to wedding ceremony seating: Ushers should be used to escort guests to their seats. The standard formula to determine the number of ushers required is one usher […]

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Wedding Guest List – The “B” List

Making your wedding guest list?  What about a “B” List… The idea of a “B” list is sort of a touchy subject in wedding planning. But the reality is that sometimes its a necessity if the wedding budget is tight or if there are space limitations at the venue where your wedding wedding reception will […]

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Picture of wedding reception receiving line.

Wedding Receiving Line

The Wedding Receiving Line Are you up on your wedding receiving line etiquette?  Here’s everything you need to know from a recognized wedding planning expert! ~ By Linda Kevich, Editor, A receiving line is always seen at truly formal weddings, or very traditional weddings. The purpose behind the receiving line tradition is to allow the hostess – […]

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Wedding reception - flower girl picture

Children at Wedding Reception

The “Adults Only” Wedding Reception Some couples do not want children at their wedding receptions. The reasons for planning a wedding this way may range from trying to lower costs by trimming wedding guests from the list, to simply not wanting to put up with potential melt-downs or fits of hyperactivity on the part of children at […]

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Wedding Reception Coctails Picture: Cash Bar Article

Cash Bar at a Wedding

In an effort to reduce expenses, some couples today are planning what is known as a “cash bar” at their wedding receptions, also called the “no-host bar“. Here’s the run down of cash bar etiquette, specifically as it applies to a wedding cash bar. I receive a lot of questions from brides, as well as […]

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