Gold Wedding Cake on A Cake Stand With Hanging Crystals

Gold Wedding Cake, three tier

This glamorous gold wedding cake is oozing with style as it sits atop a magnificent crystal cake stand, complete with dangling crystals that sparkle in the light and add some serious bling. Combining that cake, with that stand is brilliant. This is the full package – we LOVE it!

The fondant is covered with shimmering gold edible paint that truly turns this cake into a stand-out. The 3 tiers are of relatively small diameter, so this is a rather small wedding cake, but displaying it upon a cake stand adds significantly more height which adds to the visual impact.

Side Note:  We frequently receive emails from brides and wedding planners asking where to get the fabulous cake cake stand with crystals shown in the photo above.  We have tried to source out something just like it, and have unable to find a close match.  However, we did find an equally exquisite cake stand with hanging crystals (see below)  – while its not the same as this one,  it is fabulous.  The diameter is the same as the one shown in the photo above – 30 cm.  This cake stand will easily accommodate a small tiered wedding cake like the one shown in the photo above. It retails for $149 + $12.95 shipping and we can order it for you through one of our suppliers.  Just contact us if you wish to place an order.

Cake stand with hanging crystalsThe diameter of the “plate” on the cake stand is 30 centimeters.


Cake stand with crystals
Stunning dangling crystals on this cake stand will have your guests in awe!

2 thoughts on “Gold Wedding Cake on A Cake Stand With Hanging Crystals

  1. Where I could buy the crystal cake stand with dangling crystals. Thank you.

  2. Editorial Team says:

    Hi Noemi,

    You’re not the first person to inquire about the cake stand shown – we’ve received so many emails from brides and wedding planners asking where to find it. We’ve never been able to locate anything that is really close to it, however, after being asked about this yet again, we did some checking with our suppliers, and we found a different cake stand that also has hanging crystals. While its not quite the same, it is truly fabulous. It can be purchased through SuperWeddings – just use our contact link if interested and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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