Gorgeous Wedding Cake: Eight Tier With Fresh Flowers

Gorgeous wedding cake - 8 tiers, fresh flowers

A GORGEOUS wedding cake in traditional ivory, featuring eight tiers, a few of which are covered in ivory flowers (fresh flowers) accented with the occasional pale peach bloom. This color scheme is highly traditional for weddings and wedding cakes – originally wedding flowers were always all-white, ivory, or off-white, and where color was used it was limited to the softest, most muted pastels. Its a very romantic, soft, almost dreamlike color scheme. [Wedding cake by Edmonson Weddings, North Texas]

What really makes this cake STUNNING is the way it is surrounded by a sea of fresh flowers, again in the same soft, dreamy color scheme – the round cake table is literally COVERED in blooms. This if for the bride who has a sizable budget because that amount of flowers will not come cheap, but its awe inspiring to gaze at!  This cake is exactly what a wedding cake is supposed to be – the centerpiece of the wedding reception. An absolute show stopper! This cake would coordinate beautifully with this wedding table centerpiece.

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