Multi-Colored Wedding Cake Ideas

Multicolored wedding cake with roses.

What do you do when you are one of those couples who is inspired by color and can’t choose just one for your wedding cake? Opt for a multi-colored wedding cake (also sometimes referred to as a “rainbow wedding cake”).

Traditionally, wedding cakes were always decorated primarily with white fondant icing, and if any color was used at all, it was minimal, limited to accents for the cake only.  Today’s couples have a lot more choice when it comes to color – to the point that some couples find it hard to choose just one color for their wedding cake.  A multicolored wedding cake is an exciting option when you want to break out of the box and add a more whimsical vibe to your wedding cake. For couples today, color is a terrific way to express their own unique personality at their weddings, and almost anything goes in terms of color – including the multi-colored wedding cake.

Multi-colored wedding cake - rainbow circles

A delightful multi-colored wedding cake, in a three tier design, with each tier decorated in a different pastel color -pastel yellow for the top tier, pastel pink for the middle tier, and pastel green for the bottom tier. The circles design on each tier or layer of the cake gives the overall design cohesiveness, relating all the tiers to one another, despite their different colors. Some refer to this style of cake with a different color for each tier as a rainbow wedding cake.  A large fondant bow like the type you’d find a top a pretty wrapped gift tops this cake, and the swirl design cake separators between each tier carry the sense of movement created by the circle designs on each layer. This is a cake that’s got a fun, fresh vibe to it.

Multicolored Dot Wedding Cake

A fun, muti-colored wedding cake in a dot motif.  This four tier dot cake is covered in little candy dots.  The dotted multi-colored bow at the top of the cake is made from fondant. While it would be perfect for a candy theme wedding, its a versatile cake that would be just as suitable for any wedding where a fun, refreshing, multi colored cake is what suits the couple’s style.  Notice, too, how the linen napkins are color coordinated with the cake. As a variation, this wedding cake could also be styled so that the dots are all the same color. Match it to your wedding colors!

Pink and Brown Polka Dot Wedding Cake

A pink and brown polka dot wedding cake with a fabulous fondant bow topper. This three tier wedding cake is charming, adorable, sweet, and sensational in perfect little polka dots fashioned from fondant! Pink and brown may seem like an unlikely color combination, especially for a wedding cake, but as you can see the colors play off of each other incredibly well! Displayed on a clear acrylic cake stand, this multi-colored wedding cake looks extra-pretty.

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