One-Tier Wedding Cake – Wrapped Gift Design

Image of one tier wedding cake that looks like a wrapped gift

This one tier wedding cake features a design that looks like a wrapped wedding gift! One tier wedding cakes (also called single tier wedding cakes) are an affordable wedding cake idea. A single tier wedding cake will allow you to save a lot of money without skimping on style (and still leave you with PLENTY of cake to feed all your guests)!  One tier or single tier cakes like this would also be very appropriate as bridal shower cakes.

 Image of Wedding Cake - One Tier, Gift Design

There is no rule that says wedding cakes must be multiple layers or tiers, nor that it must stand tall or be large in size. This small wedding cake is designed to look like a beautifully wrapped gift with a big ribbon tied into a bow on top.

A one tier cake can save you a ton of money without sacrificing style – and still have enough cake to feed every one of your guests!

Picture of single tier heart wedding cake

A single tier wedding cake, heart shaped, designed with fondant. One tier wedding cakes are ideal for a small wedding reception but as you can see, can still be very, very special. Pearlized silver fondant gives a luxurious shimmer to this cake. A very tiny heart is positioned on top of the cake, off set to the top left side for visual interest, but it is so small, it really doesn’t technically count as a tier.

One tier or single tier cakes like this are also an affordable wedding cake option – a terrific idea if you want to save on costs. Because wedding cake prices are largely based upon the labor involved in cake decorating when you buy a wedding cake, you can save money by having the baker or designer create a truly beautiful single-tier cake that you can put on display at the reception, then cut and serve a standard slab cake which is much more affordable.

The slab cake can be in any flavor you like, complete with yummy frosting and even a filling if you desire. In other words, still a lovely cake!  But because you won’t be paying for the labor to intricately decorate a cake sized to feed all your guests, you’ll stretch your budget without sacrificing style!

There is no rule that says a wedding cake must be multiple layers or tiers, nor that it must stand tall or be large in size. This small heart shaped wedding cake is decorated with pearlized fondant, accented with edible gold balls and incredibly realistic looking sugar flowers. A smaller heart cake is placed on top of the first heart, but offset to the upper left side to create visual interest. The outcome is a work of art as well as a delicious conversation piece.

Pretty one tier cakes such as this are also very suitable for bridal shower cakes.

One tier cakes are also perfect as bridal shower cakes!

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