Dot Wedding Cake - Candy Theme Wedding

Multi-Colored Dot Wedding Cake

A fun, muti-colored wedding cake in a dot motif.  This four tier dot cake is covered in little candy dots.  The dotted multi-colored bow at the top of the cake is made from fondant. While it would be perfect for a candy theme wedding, its a versatile cake that would be just as suitable for […]

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Orange wedding cake, four tier

Orange Wedding Cake – Four Tier

This four-tier orange wedding cake has a young, fresh feel to it with its swirl design done in white fondant. Orange, by the way, happens to be one of the hottest wedding colors right now, and just one look at this cake helps explain why! Its bright, cheery and filled with energy! Its a very […]

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Ruffle Wedding Cake in White

Ruffles Wedding Cake: A Gorgeous New Trend

Ruffles Wedding Cake  Ruffles Wedding Cakes have become really popular and very trendy – just take a look at the pics on this page and you’ll understand why. Above, this breathtaking 2 layer (2-tier) cake is decorated in all white, with the exception of a couple of dusty rose fondant flowers (roses) mixed in with […]

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Wedding Cake, Black and White, Two Layer

Black and White Wedding Cake – Two Layer

Small wedding cakes have much charm, and this two layer black and white wedding cake is no exception. Small wedding cakes are not just for small weddings; if budget is an issue, you can order a beautifully decorated small wedding cake like the one above to have on display at your wedding reception, then also […]

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Gorgeous wedding cake - 8 tiers, fresh flowers

Gorgeous Wedding Cake: Eight Tier With Fresh Flowers

A GORGEOUS wedding cake in traditional ivory, featuring eight tiers, a few of which are covered in ivory flowers (fresh flowers) accented with the occasional pale peach bloom. This color scheme is highly traditional for weddings and wedding cakes – originally wedding flowers were always all-white, ivory, or off-white, and where color was used it […]

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Spring Wedding Cakes With Peony Flowers

Spring Wedding Cake – Peony

A lovely spring wedding cake, sea foam green in color (some might call this mint green), decorated with a cluster of vibrant pink peony flowers at center-front of the cake. This three tier wedding cake from Butterfly Cakes is decorated with a white  branch design created with fondant. The peonies look entirely real, but are […]

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Chocolate Wedding Cake - Three Tier, Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate Wedding Cake With Dipped Strawberries

A decadent chocolate wedding cake, featuring three tiered-layers, iced in mocha buttercream with a dark chocolate swirl design. The cake  is  topped with a small mountain of chocolate dipped strawberries which flow over the side of the cake, waterfall style, and trail all the way down to the base. YUMMY!  From the talented wedding planners […]

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Pink and Brown Wedding Cake

Pink and Brown Wedding Cake

This pink and brown wedding cake features a four tier design and is finished in smooth fondant. Each layer offers a different motif in terms of decorations, the bottom layer is pink with decorations consisting of brown circles. The second layer is brown with a motif of draped white pearl strands suspended in place by […]

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Spring Wedding Cakes Photo - three tier with pansy design

Spring Wedding Cakes – Pansies

  Pansy Wedding Cake for a Spring Wedding – Delicate little sugar paste pansies are dotted over this otherwise simple white fondant  three-tier wedding cake (three-layer), making it the perfect complement to a spring or summer wedding. A delightfully dainty cake, don’t you think? Wedding Cake Design by The Cake Shop, Ottawa, Canada  

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Picture of Tulip wedding cake with four tiers

Tulip Wedding Cake – Four Tier

Gorgeous tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils transform an otherwise simple white fondant layer (four tier) wedding cake into a stunning vision of spring. The perfect spring wedding cake if ever there was one. Wedding Cake Design by The Cake Shop, Ottawa, Canada.

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Image of one tier wedding cake that looks like a wrapped gift

One-Tier Wedding Cake – Wrapped Gift Design

This one tier wedding cake features a design that looks like a wrapped wedding gift! One tier wedding cakes (also called single tier wedding cakes) are an affordable wedding cake idea. A single tier wedding cake will allow you to save a lot of money without skimping on style (and still leave you with PLENTY […]

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Picture of Three tier white wedding cake with pink roses

Three Tier White Wedding Cake With Pink Roses

This three tier white wedding cake with pink roses is fashioned from fondant, with very realistc pink roses, tiny white filler flowers and green leaves – also fashioned from fondant. What makes this cake extra special is the “scarf” that drapes down over the tiers, from top to bottom, again made from fondant in the Australian […]

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