Gorgeous Gold Two Tier Wedding Cake

Gold two tier wedding cake.

Gold has a way of transforming ordinary into elegant. This very simple gold two tier gold wedding cake (two Layer )  becomes a magnificent masterpiece simply because of the choice of shiny gold icing that has a metallic look.

The top layer of the cake sits directly on top of the lower layer – no need for pillars or cake separators.

A single large fresh flower sits on the very top, and a smaller blossom sits below it on the first layer. No need for a lot of flowers or frills – it’s simple, and stunning.

The gold theme is further carried out by displaying the cake on a gold cake stand. If you don’t happen to have a gold cake stand, or can’t find one, you can do a little DIY and create one for yourself by simply using a gold metallic spray paint on any ordinary cake stand.

The final finishing touch is the wide gold satin ribbon that is tied to the pedestal of the cake stand, and then carefully fanned out on the table.

If you like this gold two tier wedding cake, you may also be interested in a similar design – see a Three Tier Gold Wedding Cake.

Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography, Virginia

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