DIY Wedding Aisle Decorations – Glitter Stars

DIY Wedding Aisle Decorations - Glitter Stars

Here’s a fun, crafty and creative way to decorate the aisle for your wedding – and its really inexpensive because you can do it yourself (Go DIY!).

These DIY Wedding Aisle Decorations are fun and different. They’re just what you are looking for if you’ve got a star theme going for your wedding, but they can easily be incorporated into the decor at any wedding.

Consider using other shapes too if they’ll compliment your wedding theme better.  Hearts, snowflakes, musical notes, autumn leaves…  So many  options.

DIY wedding aisle decorations - glitter stars

The Design Breakdown

Glitter stars are placed on the floor to line each side of the aisle.

Pillar candles in clear glass cylinders are nestled among the stars every 2 feet or so.

The glitter on the stars catches the candlelight, glistening away to create an utterly magical ambiance.

Its clever, its unique, its one of a kind. Not your cookie cutter wedding by any means. Guests will take notice.

You could also easily replicate this idea using hearts to put your own signature twist on it.

Or if you’re having a winter wedding, you could do snowflakes!

Musically inclined?  Think music notes.

You get the idea – its really limited only by your imagination.  What other design ideas can you come up with?

Here’s How to Do It:

To create the hearts or stars (or why not combine both?):

  • Use a stencil, available at craft supply stores, and using pencil, lightly trace the design onto card stock.
  • Use an exacto knife, also available at craft supply stores, to carefully cut out the design.  Make sure the blade of the knife is sharp;  a dull knife will create jagged cuts.  Use long strokes to get a smooth, clean cut line.
  • Then spray each cardboard cut-out shape with a spray adhesive (spray glue), available at craft stores. This is a type of glue that comes in an aerosol spray can and gives a very light coating of glue, which prevents the glue from clumping.  It will allow you to achieve a very smooth and flawless effect when you apply the glitter.
  • Now immediately dust with glitter. Be sure to do this right after you spray the glue on to the cut-out shapes; if you wait, the glue will begin to dry and you won’t get proper adhesion.
  • Shake off any excess glitter, et voila!  Instant aisle decorations for a one of a kind wedding. (You can get spray adhesive glue from your local craft store).

Note:  After you have applied the glitter, do not spray again with the glue otherwise the glitter will loose its sheen and sparkle!  Some people mistakenly think its a good idea to give the glitter a top coat of glue to sort of seal in the glitter and make sure it stays in place, so they blast it with another quick spray of glue and are very disappointed to see that the glue actually coats the glitter with a matte finish so it not longer shines or sparkles.  Don’t worry about needing to give it extra adhesion. The sparkle will stay on.  You’ll always lose a little bit of glitter – that even happens when you buy glittered manufacturer products, so fear not!  There is always plenty enough glitter that stays in place.

Glitter stars

It’s amazing how just a little imagination and a bit of creativity can go so far to creating a truly distinctive wedding – and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money at all.

Carry the stars and color scheme through to your reception with this coordinating idea: DIY wedding table decorations with star napkin holders.  (That project is really versatile because it gives you 4 different table decorations from one basic project: a star napkin holder, a star wine glass decoration, and a star wine glass charm that can also do double-duty as a unique place card for your guests if you are making use of assigned seating.  We love projects that are so versatile!  Be sure to take a look at all the decorations you can get out of one project!

If you took a go at making your own DIY wedding aisle decorations, tell us about it – we’d love to feature your designs. Have fun!

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