Pink, Orange and Yellow Wedding Tables

Pink, Orange and Gold Wedding Tables and Colors

Wowweee!  So bold, so stunning!  These pink, orange and yellow (gold) wedding tables show off what an absolutely striking color scheme this combination of colors truly is!  It’s powerful, packed with  fabulous energy, and amazing to look at.   These rectangular reception tables start out with hot pink table covers made from shiny, shimmery fabric. Clear glass vases in two different heights are lined up the center of the tables, holding  bundles of flowers in shades of orange, pink, and yellow. The flowers types include Gerbera Daisies, roses, tulips, and Black Eyed Susan – a very lovely combination. Clear glass plates were selected for the dinnerware, paired with clear glass stem ware. This allows the color scheme to remain dominant, with no competition coming in from the dishware.  On each dinner late sits a shimmery gold satin napkin, folded into a neat square. The fold incorporates a “pocket” into which a small yellow blossom is tucked to one side.   Beautifully done by  TaosFlorist in Taos, New Mexico.

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