Ruffled Wedding Chair Covers – Gorgeous Ideas!

Ruffled wedding chair covers

Have we mentioned that ruffles are super-hot right now for wedding decor?  Oh yes we have!  And its easy to see why! Check out all the gorgeous ideas we’ve got for ruffled wedding chair covers that will give your wedding reception that little extra somethin’-somethin’.

We’ve talked a lot in other posts about how the details really make the difference when it comes to your wedding reception and to wedding decorating in general. A lot of couples overlook a great opportunity to show off some style  with wedding chair decorations. You can set yourself apart in the eyes of your guests and help create a reception that will be etched in the memories for a long time to come by going that extra distance with attention to detail and dressing up your reception chairs with wedding chair decorations. There are a lot of options to decorate wedding chairs and chair backs, but this post is all about ideas for the ruffled look which is so popular.

The Ruffled Wedding Chair Covers shown in the photo at the top of this post take the ruffled look to a whole new level.  They give the illusion of flower petals on big beautiful white flowers reminiscent of roses or hydrangeas, or even magnolias. Truly spectacular!

They are fastened to the chair with a pretty sash.   The clear acrylic chairs (known as “ghost chairs”) are a top design choice right now as well.

Pink ruffled chair back cover
These pretty pink ruffled wedding chair covers are made from shimmery sheer organza fabric.  A lot of wedding and event decorators supply these. You can buy them, but they are pretty spendy, so you can also rent them. They are really easy and quick to install on the chairs – you just slip them over the chair back and you’re done. Instant transformation of an ordinary reception chair into something truly extraordinary.  (On a budget? No money to hire a wedding and even decorator? Keep reading, there’s a budget-friendly option for the DIY wedding below!)

Don’t count on your banquet facility to have any of this stuff available – these are designer options all the way and will need to be rented from a party rental supply or supplied by a wedding decorating company.

If your budget can afford it, renting designer chairs gives a lot of bang for your buck because the chairs are so visually prominent at the reception, so it really makes sense that they should be pretty.  But the downside is that, as amazing as it looks, it will add another line item to your budget….

Ruffled wedding chair covers
Here’s a budget-friendly option for easy DIY ruffled wedding chair covers.  If you don’t have the budget to hire a wedding and event decorator, and don’t want to rent wedding chair covers from a party supply rental company (and you also don’t want to try to make them yourself) you can actually buy ruffled wedding chair covers very affordably for just $9.95 each (plus shipping, of course).  These easy to set-up white ruffled wedding chair covers are available for order from – just contact us for ordering information.

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  1. Are there any instructions on how to make the ruffled chair sashes above or a vendor that sells them?

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