Wedding Ceiling Decorations at a Rustic Wedding

Wedding Ceiling Decorations at a Rustic Wedding

Wedding ceiling decorations transform a barn into a magical setting at a rustic country wedding reception. Photo by Rhys Logan of

As we said in our post on Wedding Ceiling Decorations Using Swagged Twinkle Lights, using twinkle lights for ceiling decor for a wedding reception is a stunning way to create a sense of magic in the setting and really minimizes the need for a lot of extra decor.

Twinkling lights strung from the ceiling can completely transform a reception setting – regardless of whether the reception is in a barn or a ballroom.

Look at the barn in the photo, all decked out for a country wedding reception. It may be a rustic old barn, but it looks incredible, and extremely inviting. Who would not want to attend this reception?

But if you really take a close look, its all because of the lights on the ceiling. There is really very little reception decor apart from the lights.

The lights allow you to keep everything else rather simple, decorations-wise (which helps make your wedding more affordable!), yet still have a setting that looks magical, very welcoming, and clearly conveys that something very special is about to happen here…

The only other decorations at this reception are the very simple centerpieces created simply with a flower or two in a bud vase on each round table.

The lights allow you to keep the need for other decor down to an absolute minimum, and that of course means money saved – a more affordable wedding, without sacrificing on style.

Try it for your wedding!

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