Wedding Ceiling Decorations – Swagged Twinkle Lights

Wedding Ceiling Decorations - Swagged Twinkle Lights

Gorgeous wedding ceiling decorations created with swagged twinkle lights create a magical and festive mood to this reception.

Using twinkle lights as ceiling decorations for a wedding reception is a relatively simple and straightforward way to completely transform a reception room.

Take a good look at the room depicted in the photo above and you’ll note that, while it looks absolutely fabulous, its really the lights on the ceiling that are doing all the work. The rest of the room and the decor is really quite basic. So using twinkle lights as ceiling decorations really packs a lot of punch, as you can see.

In taking this approach, the rest of the wedding decor could be kept to a minumum, and that translates into cost savings and a more affordable wedding.  As you can see, the only other wedding decorations for the entire reception are the moderately sized and relatively simple centerpieces on each table,  with 3 white pillar candles of varying heights placed around the centerpiece.  No need for fancy table linens, chair covers, elaborate floral arrangements, intricate table decorations or any other fru-fru. (Think of all the money you’ll save, yet those lights ensure your wedding has plenty of Wow Factor)

Some very basic uplighting at intervals along the walls adds to the ambiance.

By using the swagged twinkle lights for ceiling decor, a sense of magic is created and the setting looks absolutely amazing – without the need for a lot of extra decor.

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