Upside down wine glasses used as candle holders for wedding centerpiece

Upside Down Wine Glass Wedding Centerpiece – EASY Wedding DIY!

For this Upside Down Wine Glass Wedding Centerpiece, upside down wine glasses are easily transformed into creative pillar candle holders. (Scroll down the page to see more ideas for an upside down wine glasses centerpiece). Here’s a really beautiful yet, super easy DIY idea for wedding centerpieces. Upside down wine glasses are used…  as pillar […]

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Easy Easter Wedding Centerpiece - DIY

Easy Easter Wedding Centerpiece

Here’s another easy Easter wedding centerpiece idea (DIY!) for those of you planning Easter weddings.  This centerpiece design is so simple to put together for yourself and get professional looking results. A clear vase or jar is filled with Easter eggs and a generous arrangement of spring flowers. Florists and wedding decorators would charge you […]

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Easter Wedding Centerpiece featuring egg candles

Easter Wedding Centerpieces – Egg Candles

Here’s really easy, but beautiful, Easter Wedding Centerpiece idea.  If your wedding falls around Easter, create a theme for your wedding around the holiday. An Easter wedding will be additionally memorable for guests. The Easiest place to start is with your wedding centerpieces. This one is so simple, and yet incredibly pretty. You can easily […]

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Crepe Paper Candle holder centerpieces for wedding

Wedding DIY: Crepe Paper Candle Centpieces

[Tweet “Gorgeous DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Easy, Inexpensive, STUNNING!”] Here’s a terrific idea to add a burst of color to your reception tables, and its all done with…. crepe paper of all things! Here’s How To Do It: Our DIY Team here at has created these simple instructions for you to recreate this look. […]

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Floral covered cake stand/ wedding cake alternative

Cake Stand Wedding Centerpieces

Check out these really pretty examples of cake stands that have been covered with flowers to resemble a wedding cake.  If you like this idea, there are several possible ways of incorporating it into your wedding decor.  Read on to find out how… [Photo Credit: Storm Flowers, London] 1) Centerpieces: Use floral covered cake stands […]

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Carnations Wedding Centerpiece in Vase

DIY Carnations Centerpieces in Dressed-Up Vase

You can do this! An absolutely breathtaking centerpiece styled from simple carnations in a customized cylinder vase.  Read on and we’ll show you how to recreate this look for yourself with your own gorgeous DIY wedding centerpieces. Carnations are one of the least expensive flowers available, making them a great choice for weddings on a […]

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Pink Peonies and White Floating Candle Centerpiece

Pink Peony and Floating Candle Centerpiece

Peonies are so hot for weddings right now, and its easy to see why. The vibrant color on these hot pink blooms is absolutely stunning and the large size of peonies allows just a few flowers to go a long way, giving you some great bang for your buck.  Not to mention, they have simply got to be one […]

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Branches Centerpiece with Hanging Crystals, Hanging Globes, and Flowers

Branches Centerpiece Dripping With Crystals and Hanging Globes

  Need a visually amazing centerpiece idea  for your reception? Romantic and lavish, this branches centerpiece looks amazing adorned with hanging crystals, small clear hanging globes, and an abundance of flowers . The hanging globes are particularly fabulous – they feature a discreet hole on one side into which a flower can be inserted. The single […]

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Simple Rose and Moss Centerpiece in VIntage Glassware

Simple Centerpiece: Single Rose Bloom on Moss in Vintage Glassware

  Its simple, but sensational. A really lovely and very elegant centeriece is crafted for reception tables using an extra large champagne glass for the base, into which Spanish Moss is inserted. Then, a single white rose bloom is delicately placed upon the moss, and a clear glass vintage bell-jar is placed over top as […]

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Outdoor Wedding - Rustic Lilac Centerpiece

Outdoor Wedding Rustic Lilac Centerpiece

Perfect for an outdoor wedding or country wedding, designer Karen Lidbeck created this rustic lilac centerpiece for a shoot for Country Gardens magazine. The centerpiece is sensational, but we also love the eclectic look of the mismatched old wooden chairs. Also See: Rustic Wedding Ideas As Karen suggests, you can easily replicate this look for […]

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces - Pink and Orange

Tall Wedding Centerpieces – Pink and Orange

Tall centerpieces rise from the reception tables at a pink and orange wedding reception. Pink and Orange is among the most exciting combinations for wedding colors. It’s vibrant, fresh and exhilarating. It definitely qualifies as a feel good color scheme, and what could be better for a wedding reception? These wedding centerpieces feature a round […]

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Wedding Centerpiece Bowl Idea

Wedding Centerpiece Bowl Idea

Really beautiful wedding centerpieces can actually be so misleadingly simple to create. Here, a breathtaking vision of pretty pastels creates a peaceful and relaxed mood at a reception table.  Read below for easy instructions on how to create your own version of these DIY wedding centerpieces. The pastels are gorgeous, but of course, you can […]

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