Branches Centerpieces with Hanging Lanterns

Branches centerpieces with hanging lanterns

This “Branches Centerpiece” features candles in hanging lanterns suspended from the branches.

A utterly magical mood is evoked from these branches centerpieces, basking in the  warm glow that is emitted from the candles in the hanging  lanterns which dangle from the branches.

Large centerpieces created from branches  is a bit of a trend right now for wedding centerpieces.

A centerpiece like the beautiful specimen shown above celebrates nature and gives a harmonious sense of bringing the outdoors in at areception.

Sometimes also referred to as tree centerpieces, as amazing as it looks, this style of centerpiece also happens to be a great DIY wedding idea because branches are easy (and free!) to obtain and not really complicated to arrange.

Although professional floral designers are charging some steep prices for a design like this, you can do it yourself if you are creative! Go DIY brides!

Just be sure to adhere to good fire safety practices if you opt to go with a design like this for your wedding centerpieces. Make sure the candle lanterns are secured extremely well to the branches, and ensure that the branches are very well secured into the base of the centerpiece (in this case, a large cylinder vase. You’ll also want to make sure you keep the vase in scale with the size of your branches to prevent the design from being top-heavy (and prone to toppling over), and its a good idea to add sand to the bottom 1/2 of the vase to give it adequate weight.

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