DIY Carnations Centerpieces in Dressed-Up Cylinder Vases – 5 Designs to Inspire You!


DIY Carnations centerpiece

Check out these gorgeous, easy DIY carnations centerpieces. You can do this!

An absolutely breathtaking centerpiece is styled from simple carnations in a DIY customized cylinder vase.

Read on and we’ll show you how to recreate this look for yourself with your own gorgeous DIY carnations centerpieces.

Carnations are one of the least expensive flowers available, making them a great choice for weddings on a budget – but you’d never know that based on looking at this centerpiece, would you?

cylinder vase centerpiece with carnations

The vase was dressed up and given the designer look by affixing strips of rhinestone ribbon around the middle of the vase and, to make things even more interesting, strips of wide black sating ribbon were also used. Some of the vases were dressed up with two strips of rhinestone studded ribbon, and one strip of black satin ribbon, while other vases were done in the reverse:  two strips of black satin ribbon and one strip of rhinestone studded ribbon. The vases that had one strip of black satin ribbon also had a black metallic broach pinned to the black ribbon.

If you are a savvy shopper, the vase itself is extremely inexpensive – its just a plain, clear cylinder vase, as simple as they come. These can be found quite easily where ever vases are sold – but for rock bottom low prices, try your local dollar store!

Carnations Wedding Centerpiece in VasePhoto Credit: Thompson Photography, Boca Raton, Florida

Here’s a variation on the same idea.  This time, instead of going with a monochromatic look and keeping the carnations all one color (as in the previous centerpiece), the designed mixed pink, peach, white, and ivory carnations.  All these colors combine beautifully, creating a oft and soothing look through the use of pastels, whereas in the previous centerpiece in this post, by using all one color (monochromatic), hot pink, a more dramatic, vibrant mood was created.  Its all up to you!  Choose the look you prefer the most and run with it.

This vase was dressed up and given the designer look by affixing a strip of sheer white ribbon around the center of the vase and gluing on a broach, which can be found in craft stores.

Once again, the vase itself is extremely inexpensive – its just a plain, clear cylinder vase, as simple as they come. Remember, try your local dollar store!

These pastel carnations centerpieces shown in the photo above were not DIY.  They were created by professional floral designers for a high end wedding. But by breaking down this design for you and walking you through it step by step, we just showed you how you can get this look for less by going the DIY route  using carnations for your wedding centerpieces.

Tall DIY carnations centerpieces

Here’s a twist on the idea of combining carnations and cylinder vases for wedding centerpieces.  For this design, extra tall clear cylinder vases were used to create very tall centerpieces.  Instead of inserting the stems of the carnations into the vase, a pomander design was created instead.  A pomander is a round ball of flowers.

To make your own pomander balls for these DIY carnations centerpieces, you’ll need to purchase either Styrofoam balls or floral foam balls (Oasis foam) from a craft store or floral supply store (sometimes you can get them at a dollar store if you are lucky), or you can buy them online.  If you are using fresh flowers instead of silk, you’ll have to use floral foam balls. They floral foam can be wetted and will hold in the moisture so that when you insert the stems of real flowers into the foam, the flowers have a source of water and are kept fed with hydration. Smart, huh?

If you are using silk flowers, then using a Styrofoam ball will do just fine since they don’t need to be kept hydrated.

When creating a pomander ball, all of the stems of the flowers need to be cut to precisely the same length in order to ensure that your ball is perfectly round – otherwise it will look lumpy!

Floral foam balls and Styrofoam balls come in different sizes and diameters.  You’ll need to select your size carefully to ensure that it will work for the size of the centerpiece you are making.  Keep in mind that the ball will look considerably larger than it is once all the flowers are inserted.

These tall cylinders were filled with limes for additional visual interest in this design for DIY carnations centerpieces. However, if you’re watching your budget, this is going to be a deal breaker unless you happen to have a few lime trees growing in your own backyard, because filling all those vases with all those limes is going to add up to quite a bit of additional expense. So definitely keep cost in mind when deciding what to fill your vases with. Think about what else you could put in them that won’t add up to a lot of additional cost. If its a fall wedding, pine cones might be a great idea. If you live by the ocean, you could gather up sea shells without spending a dime.  Or what about collecting up rocks, and the spray painting them a color of your choice?  Think in terms of metallic paints too. Gold or silver rocks could look amazing, and all it’ll cost you is a couple of cans of metallic spray paint.  Just some ideas to get you thinking!

Like we said earlier, carnations are really a fabulous choice if you want to make your own DIY centerpieces for your wedding reception and save money. They are relatively inexpensive as compared to many other types of flowers (roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, peonies, etc.).  Plus they have quite a bit of fullness and fluffiness to them  That means that one flower will fill up a good amount of space, so you often have to use fewer carnations to create a look of fullness and abundance than you would with other types of flowers.  That’s important because you don’t want your centerpieces to look skimpy or anemic.  So that’s yet another way carnations will end up saving you money.

Some people think of carnations as a rather plain and uninspiring flower, but that’s limited imagination showing!  When you look at what is possible with these simple DIY carnations centerpieces, plain and uninspired is the last thing that comes to mind.  These babies are gorgeous, are they not?

When clustered like this to create such an abundant look, and then displayed in a dressed up cylinder vase with a bit of added bling, the end result is truly elegant and impressive.


Questions about how to recreate these DIY carnations centerpieces ? Is there something we didn’t cover?  Just ask! Leave your question in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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