Easter Wedding Centerpiece Idea Using Egg Candles

Easter Wedding Centerpiece featuring egg candles

Here’s really easy, but beautiful, Easter Wedding Centerpiece idea.  It’s simple, but so pretty.

If your wedding falls around Easter, create a theme for your wedding around the holiday. An Easter wedding will be additionally memorable for guests. The Easiest place to start is with your wedding centerpieces. This one is so simple, and yet incredibly pretty. You can easily do this yourself and save a ton of money over hiring a decorating or floral designer.

Here’s How to Make this Easter Wedding Centerpiece

  • For each Easter wedding centerpiece you will need a dish with semi-tall sides to contain the flowers and ensure your Easter egg candles stay securely in place.  Ideally try to find a dish in pastel Easter colors, or stick with plain white.
  • Easter eggs candles should be relatively easy to find if you shop during the Easter season. Check candle specialty stores and the seasonal department of Home Decor stores or department stores. Dollar stores often have Easter eggs candles in the weeks leading up to Easter, but be careful there – often the candles sold by dollar stores have very short burn times. You don’t want your centerpieces to be reduced to a clump of melted wax before dinner is even over!  Be sure to know the burn time on the candles you buy. If you can’t find Easter egg candles in local stores, do a search online and you’ll certainly find sources that offer them.
  • Arrange the Easter egg candles around the perimeter of the dish, allowing a little bit of space between each for your filler flowers. Once you have the candles positioned around the edge of the dish, fill in the center with more candles, evenly spaced.  If you want to use fewer candles for budgetary reasons, use a smaller dish, or  simply use more filler flowers to fill in the space. However, Keep in mind, that if you use too few candles and leave too much space between them, your centerpiece will look skimpy – its a fine line, so walk it carefully!
  • Cover the plate and fill in the spaces with delicate, tiny filler flowers such as Baby’s Breath.  The key here really is to make sure the flowers are the delicate, tiny type because larger flowers will tend to compete visually with the egg candles – it will simply be too much for the  eye, and you don’t want that.  Let the Easter eggs be the star of the show.  Keep in mind, too, that, aside from white which you see most often, Baby’s Breath is also available in pink and mauve which are perfect Easter colors.  So feel free to use one of the colored Baby’s Breath varieties, or do a mix of pink, mauve and white, or any combination thereof.
  • That’s it – you’re done! Easy, wasn’t it?

If you have a question about this this Easter wedding centerpiece idea, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help!

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