Easy Easter Wedding Centerpiece

Easy Easter Wedding Centerpiece - DIY Idea

Here’s another easy Easter wedding centerpiece idea (DIY!) for those of you planning Easter weddings.  This centerpiece design is so simple to put together for yourself and get professional looking results. A clear vase or jar is filled with Easter eggs and a generous arrangement of spring flowers. Florists and wedding decorators would charge you several times what it will cost you to make this centerpiece for yourself – especially if you shop dollar stores for supplies like the Easter eggs, the glass plates, and the clear vases or jars.

When it comes to the actual flowers though, be careful about dollar store flowers if you are going for a very realistic, quality look.  Either use fresh flowers, as is the case in the centerpiece shown here, or be really picky in shopping for good quality silk flowers that look as close to real as possible, other wise, a perfectly fabulous centerpiece design will end up looking “cheap”.   There’s no reason to shy away from silk flowers, there are many that are so realistic looking you literally have to touch them to know they are not real. But unfortunately, the flowers you find in dollar stores are typically not of that quality level (although, of course, there are always exceptions.

Here’s How to Make this Easy Easter Wedding Centerpiece

Putting the centerpiece together is actually very easy.

  • For each centerpiece you’ll need a large mason jar or canning jar (if you are going for a rustic, country, or barn style wedding), or a clear cylindrical vase.
  • Fill the vase or jar with colored decorative Easter eggs – inexpensive plastic ones are just fine
  • Take a bundle of spring flowers (be sure to include tulips – they are the ultimate spring flower; you can also choose to include daffodils, roses, crysanthemums), arrange them into a nicely shaped bouquet in your hands, and then insert the stems into the center of the vase, so they slide down between the Easter eggs.  Make adjustments to the arrangement as necessary to ensure the flowers are well spaced and the design has a good sense of balance and proper shape.
  • If using fresh flowers you will need to make sure you provide them with a source of water. You can get water tubes from florist shops; the tubes go on to the bottom of each stem to keep it fed with water for hours. There are also gel crystals available from floral shops which you hydrate with water, then place inside the vase (hidden by the Easter eggs) and they will keep the flowers hydrated for the length of the wedding reception.
  • TIP:  Make sure you don’t go too skimpy on the flowers. The bouquet should have a good sense of fullness to it in order to achieve a pleasing, abundant look.

There you have it – an easy Easter wedding centerpiece that literally takes only minutes to put together, but looks like you paid top dollar to a professional wedding decorator!

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