Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces – 4 Glittering Ideas You’ll Love!

Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Stunning  Christmas wedding centerpieces don’t have to be complicated to create yourself. By simply combining some carefully selected components for your table centerpieces, you can create DIY centerpieces that dazzle.

In the same way a recipe is all about selecting the right ingredients, the same can be said when designing wedding centerpieces.  See below for a gorgeous alternate view of these Christmas wedding centerpieces and the DIY instructions that will guide you in making them yourself.

Holiday Glitter Wedding Centerpieces

Go glitzy and glamorous for your Christmas Wedding or holiday season wedding with a stunning table centerpiece design like the one shown above. Clad in glittered ribs, hand-rolled beeswax candles sparkle and shimmer.

Unscented wax make them ideal for use during meals at wedding receptions– remember, never use scented candles at a dinner reception; the scent of the candles will not mix with the aroma of the food, and some people are sensitive to scent. You don’t want to make guests feel queasy at meal time!

How-to Make this Centerpiece:

This wedding centerpiece design was created by grouping together:

  • one 3″ diameter red ornament candle
  • one 3″x6″ Red Ribbed Glitter Candle
  • one 3″x6″ Gold Ribbed Candle
  • onto a 13 1/2″ Red Glitter Plate.
  • For the finishing touch, decorative Gold Nuggets were scattered into the plate around the candle bases.
  • The result is a look which is dripping with gold, glitz, and glamor!  A stunning way to glam up your wedding decor.

More Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Glitter…

“Minty” Christmas Wedding Centerpiece in A Glitter Bowl

"Minty" Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

This festive Christmas Wedding centerpiece looks good enough to eat!  

DIY This Centerpiece Design

To create it:

  • a sparkly 15.5″ diameter bowl is filled with 8 ounces of Crystal Snow
  • 6 peppermint floating candles are placed into the crystal snow in the bowl.
  • A few decorative crystals, resembling crushed ice, are sprinkled onto the table around the bowl.
  • To enhance the theme a step further, place one clear votive cup containing a lit candy cane candle at each place setting. Watch your guests eyes light up!

Crystal and Candles That Glisten With Glitter

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - Candles in Crystal Bowl

Here is yet another glittering idea for a Christmas Wedding Centerpiece.

Perfect for a Christmas Wedding, the richness of velvet and crystal is captured in this opulent table centerpiece design sure to take your guest’s breath away with its exceptional beauty.

How to DIY:

  • A glittering crystal bowl is filled with water.
  • Elegant red and gold floating candles dusted with glitter and styled to look like Christmas Ornaments are set afloat.
  • The base of the bowl is encircled with a wreath of faux holiday greenery.

The velvety texture of the leaves creates a luxurious contrast against the scintillating crystal bow.

The deep-green leaves are edged in gold glitter, to echo the shimmer of the cut crystal to exquisite perfection.

Its EASY, but its GORGEOUS!

Take It a Step Further: You can add even more style to your wedding decor at your reception by taking your table decor a step farther by adding complimentary crystal votive candle cups to your reception tables to further enhance the arrangement. Place one sparking votive cup containing a lighted votive candle at each place setting, and then let each guest take one home at the end of the evening.

Or arrange them in a circle around the centerpiece arrangement itself for a dazzling display of fire and glass. In the photo at left, a simple white votive candle was used, but you could carry out the theme even more closely by filling the crystal cup with water and adding a single Floating Ornament Candle like those used in the centerpiece.

Snowflakes on Glitter Ice Centerpiece

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - Snowflakes on ice in bowl
Glowing snowflakes afloat on shimmering crushed ice (water crystals) will set your Christmas wedding or holiday-season reception alight and provide the perfect expression of winter cheer.

Alternatively, the same snowflake Candles would cast a special spell on still waters if set adrift in glass bowls filled with water.

So many options when the creative juices start flowing!

Christmas wedding decor ideas for tables

The same Snowflake candles also look lovely as Christmas wedding table decor when placed on individual frosted glass candle plates dusted with wax snow. Imagine your reception room all aglow with one of these positioned at each place setting. Or wrap them up in pretty tulle or cellophane and let guests take them home as Christmas wedding favors.

These snowflake centerpiece ideas will work equally as well for a winter wedding theme.

Have fun designing your Christmas wedding centerpieces!

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