Martini Glass Wedding Centerpieces

Martini Glass Wedding Centerpieces

Martini, Anyone? Made of glass, the martini glass floating candle holder shown here is designed specifically to hold floating candles as well as a variety of other fashionable accent items such as glass stones which add a base of color to the bottom of the arrangement, as shown.

Notice that candles in four different colors are used to create powerful visual impact.

Because the glass is made for the very purpose of holding candles, it will not shatter from the candle flames. This particular martini glass will hold a total of four – 2 1/4″ floating candles or three 3″ floating candles. You should be able to find similar glasses in houseware and decor stores in your local area. Try florist shops or party rental stores too.

This savvy and sophisticated look would be perfect for centerpieces for a New Years eve wedding, but its hot anytime of the year.

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