Tall Glass Wedding Table Centerpieces

Tall Glass Wedding Table Centerpieces

 A gorgeous idea  featuring tall glass wedding table centerpieces in a reception room bathed  in shades of purple.  These really unique centerpiece glasses rise up from the center of the reception tables. They are shaped to look like super-tall wine glasses, but the effect is not in any way gimmicky, rather, its really very elegant […]

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Tall White Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Table Centerpieces

View all Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Wedding Table Centerpieces Dramatic visual impact can be created with wedding centerpieces. With the right ideas, every centerpiece can be stunning, regardless of the budget.  [Scroll to bottom of page for details on the centerpiece shown above.  Photo Credit] You may hear different terms tossed around and might be wondering what […]

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Branches centerpieces with hanging lanterns

Branches Centerpieces with Hanging Lanterns

This “Branches Centerpiece” features candles in hanging lanterns suspended from the branches. A utterly magical mood is evoked from these branches centerpieces, basking in the  warm glow that is emitted from the candles in the hanging  lanterns which dangle from the branches. Large centerpieces created from branches  is a bit of a trend right now […]

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Picture of DIY wedding centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces DIY

Pretty in Pink Wedding Centerpiece – DIY Wedding Decorations Pretty in Pink Centerpiece Ideas! This centerpiece would be very appropriate for a spring or summer wedding, with its rose petals and soft color. You can easily create a wedding centerpiece like this using fresh rose petals, but we’ll let you in on a little secret […]

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Wedding Centerpieces - Floral Wreath and Floating Candles

Floral Wreath Wedding Centerpieces With Floating Candles – 5 Ideas!

Gorgeous floral wreath wedding centerpieces can very easily be created as part of your reception decor using a floral wreath and a clear glass floating candle bowl if you are into DIY. Browse through this entire post for more inspiration and ideas for floral wreath wedding centerpieces with floating candles that you can design yourself. […]

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Wedding Centerpiece Created With Votive and Floating Candles

Wedding Centerpiece – Votives and Floating Candles

Long, rectangular reception tables are transformed into a breathtaking river of candles with this wedding centerpiece idea created with votives and floating candles.  The look is visually captivating, yet when you break it down it is so simple in its design and execution. Rectangular reception tables, covered with white table covers bearing a silver grid pattern, are pushed […]

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Purple wedding centerpiece with pillar candle and flowers

Purple Candle Wedding Centerpiece

Centerpieces don’t have to be overly complicated to be beautiful. Here, a purple pillar candle is placed in a candle holder bowl. A stem of lavender and purple lilies is tucked inside the bowl  and positioned right up against the side of the bowl for optimal visibility. Notice how beautifully the color of the candle […]

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Wedding Centerpieces Using Square Bowls

Spring Wedding Centerpieces – Square Bowls

Beautiful Spring Centerpieces Life-like spring blossoms drift elegantly in square bowls in these pastel-pretty wedding centerpieces. A springtime tableaux is created by placing faux, but life-like, Cherry and Apple Blossom stems inside the bottom of clear glass square bowls. Then glowing Cherry and Apple Blossom shaped floating Candles are set afloat in water in the […]

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Autumn/ Fall Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Wedding Centerpiece Idea – “Layering”

Let’s add some energy to the fall wedding season by introducing a new centerpiece styling idea /concept we haven’t discussed before – layering. Above, a “layered” centerpiece is created with lush florals, hand-painted hydrangea candles, a plate, and a pedestal bowl in this vibrant fall table arrangement. The concept of layering in centerpiece design means […]

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Fall wedding reception - Branches centerpieces in orange

Branches Centerpieces for Fall Wedding

Branches centerpieces at a fall wedding reception put on a spectacular display. Wedding decorations and tall centerpieces like these help to fill in space and are a particularly good choice for wedding receptions in rooms with tall ceilings. Orange wedding accents, table covers and other decor captures the color of the season at an autumn/ […]

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Candle Wedding Centerpieces in Square Glass Bowls

Wedding Centerpieces – Fall, Square Bowl & Candles

Silk flowers are tucked inside a square bowl. The bowl is filled with water, in which a couple of floating candles are set adrift. For added interest, another matching floating candle is placed next to the arrangement on a glass disk, creating even more reflection and glow to be enjoyed by reception guests. (A creative […]

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Wedding centerpieces with glass bubbles, votive candles

Glass Bubbles Wedding Centerpieces

We love these decorative glass “bubbles”!  Talk about out of the ordinary! Add them to your reception tables for a festive touch and it will be obvious that this is where the celebration is happening. So many possible uses – just let your imagination go! Shown here, glass bubbles and clear glass votive cups are […]

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