Martini Glass Wedding Centerpieces

Martini Glass Wedding Centerpieces

Martini, Anyone? Made of glass, the martini glass floating candle holder shown here is designed specifically to hold floating candles as well as a variety of other fashionable accent items such as glass stones which add a base of color to the bottom of the arrangement, as shown. Notice that candles in four different colors […]

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Wedding Centerpieces in Champagne Glass

Wedding Centerpieces – Champagne and Candles

Floating Candles Champagne Glass Wedding Centerpiece: This creative floating candle holder, is shaped like a large champagne glass is perfect for styling wedding reception centerpieces. Look for these in stores in your local area. Made of  glass, this champagne glass candle holder will accommodate several standard floating candles. Here, four pastel colored candles, in different […]

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Autumn wedding centerpieces in bowls with floating candles

Fall Wedding Centerpieces – Floating Candles

These  fall wedding centerpieces will help you and your reception guests celebrate the change of seasons by incorporating the bright colors of fall or autumn into your wedding decor. The fall centerpiece idea above was created using sage green floating candles, and one Bittersweet stem, all on display in an ‘infinity bowl’. What’s an infinity […]

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces - Pink and Ivory Roses

Tall Wedding Centerpieces – Pink and Ivory Roses

Tall wedding centerpieces of pink and ivory roses soar towards the ceiling to create a wedding centerpiece that makes a powerful statement. To achieve this look, super-tall vases are placed at the center of each reception table, then pink and ivory roses are arranged at the mouth of the vase, with softwood twigs interspersed for […]

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Lighted Wedding Centerpiece

Lighted Wedding Centerpieces – 10 Stunning Ideas to Inspire You

Lighted wedding centerpieces are one of the hottest trends in wedding table decorations right now. They are absolutely stunning, casting an amazing glow that practically comes to life on your reception tables. The lighted wedding centerpiece idea has emerged with the invention of LED lights. The lighted wedding centerpiece in the photo above was created […]

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Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Glittering Christmas Wedding Centerpieces – 4 Glittering Ideas You’ll Love!

Stunning  Christmas wedding centerpieces don’t have to be complicated to create yourself. By simply combining some carefully selected components for your table centerpieces, you can create DIY centerpieces that dazzle. In the same way a recipe is all about selecting the right ingredients, the same can be said when designing wedding centerpieces.  See below for […]

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Simple Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - Floating Candles

Simple Christmas Wedding Centerpieces – Floating Candles

Sometimes simple can be so stunning.  For this Christmas Wedding Centerpiece, a perfect grouping of 8 floating candles in the holiday season’s colors are floated in a frosted bowl. Add a sprig of mistletoe to the base of the bowl, and the scene for a holiday season wedding reception has been set!  The key to […]

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Wedding Centerpieces - Tall Cyliner Vase

Wedding Centerpieces – Tall Cylinder Vase

Wedding Centerpieces using a tall cylinder vase like this create a very visually striking look, however, they are incredibly easy to make for yourself if you are into DIY. It’s all in the vase. Shop your local area to find super-tall cylinder vases and a dramatic look like this will practically create itself. This particular […]

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Easy Wedding Centerpieces - Vases and Votives

Easy Wedding Centerpieces With Vases and Votives

For easy wedding wedding centerpieces, just replicate this design. While it looks terrific, it was actually very easy to do – no wedding decorator required! Three clear glass cylinder vases of varying heights are grouped at the center of the table. After filling the vases with water almost to the top, tulips on the stem […]

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Wedding Table Centerpieces - Hot Pink

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces – So Easy to Make!

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces Look Stunning! Cylinder wedding centerpieces create a powerful visual punch through the use of color, in this case, bright pink.   DIY cylinder centerpieces are super-easy to create, and with the right use of color and other decorative elements, they’ll look spectacular on each table. You can display cylinder centerpieces one at a […]

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Easy Wedding Centerpieces - Candles, Rocks, River Rocks

Easy Wedding Centerpieces – Candles, Flowers, River Rocks

Easy Wedding Centerpieces Ideas. This centerpiece is simple to recreate with a large clear glass cylinder-type vase. River rocks are placed at bottom of vase. A white pillar candle is positioned in the vase, off set to one side. A large hydrangea bloom is nestled next to it. A small amount of greenery is added […]

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