Tall Wedding Centerpieces – Pink and Orange

Tall Wedding Centerpieces - Pink and Orange

Tall centerpieces rise from the reception tables at a pink and orange wedding reception. Pink and Orange is among the most exciting combinations for wedding colors. It’s vibrant, fresh and exhilarating. It definitely qualifies as a feel good color scheme, and what could be better for a wedding reception? These wedding centerpieces feature a round floral arrangement of hot pink roses which seemingly float in the air above the reception tables, thanks to the clear acrylic pedestal stand they are positioned on.  Two small, low-sitting floral arrangements featuring hot pink roses accented with ivory roses are placed on the table on either side of the pedestal. These smaller wedding centerpieces are displayed in small clear glass vases filled with a layer of beige sand at the bottom of the vase, topped by a layer of white sand. The orange hue for this reception color scheme is brought forth by the use of  lighting – orange up-lights shine onto the walls and ceiling of the reception venue, giving it that gorgeous orange glow.  So much can be done for wedding decor with the use of  lighting (provided by a professional lighting designer) to create atmosphere and ambiance at a wedding reception!

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