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Pretty in Pink Wedding Centerpiece – DIY Wedding Decorations

Pretty in Pink Centerpiece Ideas! This centerpiece would be very appropriate for a spring or summer wedding, with its rose petals and soft color. You can easily create a wedding centerpiece like this using fresh rose petals, but we’ll let you in on a little secret – the ones used here are faux! Who would know they aren’t the real thing?  Complete project instructions below…

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Make This Centerpiece!

Creating this Wedding Centerpiece is Easy! Here’s How:

1. Start by selecting an attractive clear glass container for the centerpiece. Here, an elevated bowel on a glass pedestal was used, but feel free to use a more standard style of bowl for equally lovely effects.

2. Fill the container with fresh water.

3. Select your floating candles. For our centerpiece, square floaters, were chosen because the atypical square shape adds terrific visual interest to the overall design. You can mimic this look entirely if you use square floaters in your design, or you could select another style of floating candle to create your own look.

4. Place the floating candles in the water. To mimic the look in the photo, crowd the candles in the container – for this particular container, four candles was about all it could hold, and we crammed them in! If you prefer a different look, use fewer candles.

5. Now its time to add the Pièce de Résistance – the rose petals, available in our wedding accessories store. It’s the rose petals that really cap off the look in this particular centerpiece and give it that super-romantic, super-soft visual effect. Just place the petals on water and around the candles, and be sure to also sprinkle them on the table, around the centerpiece to finish that wonderful setting!

Make the Pedestal Bowl (Optional)

The exact bowl shown in the photo is not available for purchase anywhere that we know of, but any type of clear glass bowl can be used for your centerpiece – it does not have to be a raised bowl – so simply substitute a different style of bowl to create a look that is all your own and truly unique.

However, you can create a bowl that looks very similar to this for yourself by gluing the bottom of a clear glass bowl to an overturned drinking glass (clear). Use a hot glue gun, or ask your local craft store for a clear adhesive suitable for gluing glass.

See how easy it was to pull the whole look together?

Project, Article & Instructions by Linda Kevich, Editor of (C) Copyright 2005 – 2013.  Not to be reprinted or republished without permission.

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