Wedding Centerpieces – Tall Cylinder Vase

Wedding Centerpieces - Tall Cyliner Vase

Wedding Centerpieces using a tall cylinder vase like this create a very visually striking look, however, they are incredibly easy to make for yourself if you are into DIY.

It’s all in the vase. Shop your local area to find super-tall cylinder vases and a dramatic look like this will practically create itself.

This particular centerpiece was created for a purple theme, but it will look fantastic in any color you choose.  Note that purple up-lighting is incorporated into the reception decor and becomes a key element in the visual experience. Colored lighting really helps to bring forth a mood, and enhances your wedding reception decor in a powerful way. But (yes, there’s a “but”), specialty lighting for a wedding reception can be spendy, so skip it if you are on a tight budget. If, however, your budget will allow for lighting, our best advice is go for it, because it looks spectacular.

The DIY Details: One cylinder vase like this is placed at the very center of round reception tables. Insert one long stemmed flower – or even just a stem of greenery (super-cheap) – into each vase and  fill to about 4 inches from the top with water.

Top off with one floating candle…  and you have instant wedding centerpieces.

If you are using rectangular reception tables, use one vase at the center of the table every several feet apart for a really powerful punch of visual impact.

Add a few votive candles in votive holders around the wedding centerpieces for additional visual interest and your DIY centerpieces will look like they were created by a professional designer.  [Photo Credit: Studio 6 Photography].

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