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Tall White Floral Wedding Centerpieces

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Wedding Table Centerpieces

Dramatic visual impact can be created with wedding centerpieces. With the right ideas, every centerpiece can be stunning, regardless of the budget.  [Scroll to bottom of page for details on the centerpiece shown above.  Photo Credit]

You may hear different terms tossed around and might be wondering what the difference is:  “Wedding table centerpieces”, “wedding reception centerpieces”, or “wedding centerpieces”  – they all refer to the exact same idea – a visually stimulating focal point for the reception tables.

Important Tip:

Centerpieces should never block the view of guests sitting at the table – a good designer knows to watch for this!  Centerpieces should rise above or sit below eye-level, and serve as conversation-piece.

Well-chosen centerpieces will add ‘wow-factor’ to your tables. SuperWeddings is packed with centerpiece ideas – many can be do-it-yourself; we usually provide some good basic instructions to break down a fabulous looking design or idea and make it easy for you to replicate.  If you aren’t into DIY, then just send your wedding decorator over here to view the picture of the centerpiece you like, and she or he will know what to do!

There are instructions for many of these ideas so you can ‘do-it-yourself’ (in which case, no one will ever know how little you spent), because, as we never miss an opportunity to remind you, you DON’T need to spend a lot to have a STUNNING wedding!

Photo at top of page: Ivory roses, white hydrangeas, and white and pale-pink orchids rise above the table in this tall centerpiece design, while cymbidium orchids dangle on satin ribbons.  Clear acrylic cylindrical risers are used to elevate the centerpiece above the table. Long lengths of white bendable ribbon, shaped into spirals, is placed inside the cylinders for unique visual interest.

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