Clever Idea! Mason Jars With Photo Inside for Table Decor

Wedding Table Decor Idea: Mason Jars With Couple's Photo Inside

Fabulous Idea! Mason Jars With Photos In Them Make Personalized Centerpieces

This is a really clever idea (and so super-personalized) for a rustic wedding, shabby chic wedding, or a barn or country theme wedding.  Mason jars with photos in them are also a really smart way for displaying pictures at an outdoor wedding if there is a concern that the wind could blow picture frames over. (And let’s face it, there always that concern!).  The mason jars will keep the pictures safe and adds a touch of the unexpected.

Mason jar picturesPhoto credit: Jessy Amy Harris

There are so many ways to work with this idea for displaying pictures in mason jars at your wedding reception, whether you choose to display only pictures of yourself and your fiance, or whether you use the mason jars to also display vintage photos of family members on your wedding day.

Just picture a collection of mason jars lined up on a table at the entry to your reception, with each jar featuring a vintage photo of important family members, as pictured above.

Or you could display a series of mason jars with pictures of your and your fiance at various stages of your lives – from the time you were little kids, right through to your engagement (see below).  So many ideas!

Mason jar photo frames
Photo Credit

Gather as many mason jars as you can, and into each insert a black and white photograph of the two of you.  [Photo Credit: Theary Meak Photography]. You might want to use your engagement photo in each jar, or alternatively you could use a different photo in every jar.

Still another idea would be to use a wedding photo of older relatives in each jar – for instance, wedding photos of your parents, grandparents, etc.

Picture in mason jar

See the picture below from to get the idea.

Mason Jars With Family Photos Inside for Wedding Table Decor

Place the jars on your reception tables for the most personalized table decor ever. Or you could position one jar at each place setting and let guests take them home as wedding favors.

Be sure to carefully position the photo in the jar so that it doesn’t get damaged or folded as you insert it. And adjust it so that the photo it is pressed up against the walls of the jar and clearly visible to onlookers.

Give your Mason Jar Photo Holders an Authentic Vintage Look With this Little Trick…..

Photos in mason jarsThis one is via Handmania

Pictures in mason jarsPhoto Credit

Want to get that slightly golden, aged vintage look happening?  Here’s how to do it.

The secret is… vegetable oil!  Yes, like the kind you cook with. Any vegetable cooking oil will do.

Fill each jar with vegetable oil (do not fill above the bottom lip where the cap screws on, or the oil may leak from the lid).

Mason Jar Photo Holders (with oil)Photo courtesy of

Now here’s where you can get even more creative.  Kick up the look by adding some greenery to the oil in the jars – the decorative greenery will sort of float suspended by the oil and will sit behind the photos in the jars, so that even when guests view the jars from the back, they’ll be pretty to look at.

For this you can use any kind of greenery that strikes your fancy…. green ivy could be a good choice since ivy, in the “language of flowers” (known as floriography) is very symbolic for weddings… ivy signifies fidelity.  Eucalyptus could look pretty, or even a sprig of pine, spruce, cedar or juniper.  Herbs are another option, like a sprig of thyme.  Better still, Rosemary (another herb) would be very appropriate because the herb Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance (back to the “language of flowers again”), so its often used in occasions that should be remembered (like weddings and anniversaries). Symbolizing remembrance, its a perfect fit and very appropriate for jars displaying photos.

Mason jar picture holders with oilUse as much greenery as you like.  You can go with just one stem or sprig of greenery, or use more. You can stick with one type of greenery, or use combinations of a couple different types that look nice together.

Berries from trees or bushes could be added as well if you are having an autumn or fall wedding when the berries will be in season.  There’s nothing to stop you from using red or golden fall leaves while you’re at it – that could look spectacular.  Seasonal elements like this would really help enhance the autumn theme.

After you’ve gotten the greenery in place, its time to insert the photo into the oil, positioning it along the inside wall of the jar.  Make sure you position it correctly, with the actual picture facing outwards.

Take a breath and don’t be nervous.  You might think that the photo will get damaged, that the ink will start to run, or that the photo will dissolve, but fear not.  The photo will be fine, it will simply start to take on that warm golden glow that gives it that beautiful vintage look.

If you are using a smaller photo, you can position it more towards the center of the jar if you want, rather than up against the wall of the  jar — the oil will help hold the picture it in place.

Vintage mason jars with pictures in oil.

See! That’s how the get that golden vintage glow!


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