Lighted Wedding Table Decorations

Lighted Wedding Table Decorations

Lighted Wedding Table Decorations – a new and spectacular idea for wedding table decor.  Strings of  battery operated clear twinkle lights on a white cord trail and wind their way around place settings on the reception table.  The lights shown above have decorative lamp shades around each light in the shape of delicate little flowers. We’ve also also seen little butterflies. Check your local stores for similar products.

When using this idea, you’ll want to make sure to match the color of the cord to the table cover. Since white and green are the most common cord colors for twinkle lights, you are best to stick to a white table cover  for your reception tables if you wish to include strings of lights as part of your reception decor. This way the cord blends in nicely with the table cover.

Also keep practicality and safety in mind. You don’t want the cords to be positioned on the table in such a way that they may cause items on the table to topple if the cord is accidentally tugged or pulled. A way to avoid this would be to position the lights more towards the center of the table where guests are less likey to snag the cord.

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