Lilacs and Candles Table Decor

Lilac and Candles Wedding Table Decor Idea

Pretty summer table decor and centerpieces are created for a wedding reception quite simply – but it all looks absolutely breathtaking.  Here’s how to recreate the look:

A vase filled with a full bouquet of lilac colored flowers is placed upon the table. Three small crystal drinking glasses are set in a line on the table.  A single white taper candle is placed into the center of each glass (a dab of florist’s clay is placed at the bottom of each candle to help secure it in place at the bottom of the glass), and then clear tape is used to create a grid pattern at the opening of each glass to hold the candle in place.  Dainty lilac colored flowers are nestled into the opening of the glass to surround the candle.  Tiny rosemary wreaths are created by twisting several sprigs of rosemary together, and are then fastened to the glass with a small amount of fine-grade florist wire.

It’s as simple as that, yet it looks like it required so much more effort.

To complete the table decor, little sprigs of the dainty  lilac-colored flowers are scattered here and there on the table. Lilac colored linen napkins are all dressed up with stems of rosemary combined with more dainty lilac colored flowers which are tied together with a pretty white sheer ribbon.

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