Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables

Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables

Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables

A very romantic and elegant look is created for long rectangular tables at a rustic wedding in a barn through the use of soft pink pastel peonies, basking in a candle lit glow. [Photo from Stranger in Moscow].  Read on to learn how to design tablescapes inspired by this design featuring Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables.

This tablescape design can easily be adapted for any style of wedding where long rectangular tables are used. Simply omit the bottles if that slightly more rustic element is not in keeping with the theme of your wedding decor. While the tables show in the photo were for a rustic (but elegant!) barn wedding, the same Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables design concept could be used for a wedding reception of any style, level of formality, or location.

Entirely different looks and effects can be achieved simply by playing  around with changing subtle details in the design.  For instance, you could change the types of flowers used, and/ or you could change the color of the flowers used.  In the photo, two different tones of pastel pink peonies are used.  If you’re going for a more vibrant look, you could use hot pink or fuschia peonies, or even red peonies.

For a casual, informal feel, or for a backyard wedding reception or other outdoor reception, you might use yellow daisies, or big cheery sunflowers.

Imagine how the look would change if you were to fill the square vases with roses.  As you look at the photo, visualize this in your mind, running through different color possibilities:  red roses, white roses, yellow roses, light pink roses, dark pink roses… or maybe some combination of roses of different colors.

Now imagine how the look might change if you switched up the color of the table runner. Also visualize the different mood you would get if you changed the type of fabric used for the table runner. A rustic wedding might use burlap.  A holiday season wedding or a reception going for a glam feel might use gold or silver metallic fabric.  Organza could be a great choice for an elegant high end wedding reception.

You could also play with different motifs or patterns of fabric for your table runners.  Blue fabric will a silver star pattern will create a very different mood and look than red plaid fabric, or a delicate floral print (or a large floral print..).

There are so many small subtle changes you can make to yield completely different effects and looks.  That’s what makes styling and design so exciting!


How to Recreate This Look for Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables:

  • A brown fabric table runner is placed at the center of the table, stretching from one end of the table clear through to the opposite end. The runner establishes the foundation for the rest of the design.
  • Clear square vases are filled with water and placed at regular intervals apart (about every second place setting), on the center of the runner.
  • Clusters of fresh cut pastel pink peonies, five in total, are placed within  each vase.
  • Clear cylinder candle holders of 2 different heights are filled with water and placed between the vases, with a white floating candle in each.
  • Dimension is created in the tablescape by varying the height of the candle holders in this way.
  • Smaller clear cylinder holders are covered with printed tissue paper featuring a soft pink floral design and placed at regular intervals along the runner (about every three place settings apart).
  • One tea light candle is placed within each holder.
  • To complement the rustic theme, clear bottles of two different heights are sporadically incorporated into the design.  A single stemmed pink peony is inserted into each bottle.
  • Stacks of old books are used as a platform for the shorter bottles, adding additional interest and details to the tablescape.
  • The end result is a perfect combination of elegance, beauty and softness contrasted against rustic detailing.

Have fun designing your Wedding Decor for Rectangular Tables!

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