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Stunning Table Covers


Wedding decor can be dramatically enhanced with the use of table covers in luxurious fabrics. Here the vibrant green, red, and purple hues of the flowers are off set against a backdrop of gold sateen which is elegantly draped over a prop to raise the candles in this table arrangement.

Consider including stunning table covers in your own wedding decor to really add that ‘custom’ decor look to your reception. The right table covers in the right fabric can literally transform a reception room. Linen rental companies offer a wide selection of fabric choices these days, or you can make your own by visiting the fabric department at your favorite department store and then doing some very simple sewing.

Or, bring in a wedding decor specialist like the designers at Charming Events in Orlando, Florida to handle your wedding decor details. An experienced wedding decorator can offer a wealth of professional suggestions and ideas to really make your wedding decor pop.

wedding table covers - goldGold Adds Glamor


When you want to glam up your wedding decor, gold is the way to go. Trends come and go, but gold is a classic accent color or full color theme in wedding decor. Here the gold table covers coordinate gorgeously with the matte gold finish on the chairs. If the chairs at your reception facility don’t have the level of pizzazz you are looking for to complement your wedding decor, consider renting chairs from a chair and table rental company. Wedding decor rental companies and party supply rental outlets sometimes rent these items as well.



Another detail that really helps make the wedding decor featured here is the way the table covers ‘puddle’ at the floor. Notice that the covers in the photo above don’t sit just at or above the floor, but rather, they have been designed extra-long to achieve the ‘puddling’ effect. This detail creates an abundant look in the wedding decor. And although the whole look is enormously elegant and glamorous, that little bit of ‘puddling’ suggests a comfortable mood for this event.

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