5 of the Prettiest Spring Wedding Bouquets EVER

Pink Peony Spring Wedding Bouquet

This gorgeous spring wedding bouquet, designed by Bella Fiori in the Greater Seattle & Puget Sound Area, features peonies in four different beautiful shades of pink, accented with mint leaves – and we don’t mean the color mint, we’re talking sprigs and leaves of the actual herb, mint.  Can you imagine the amazing scent that would give off? What a fabulous idea for the greens in a wedding bouquet!  And the color contrast of the mint leaves against the peonies is just so pretty, too.  By the way, peonies are one of the most requested flowers for spring wedding bouquets. Not hard to see why – big and voluptuous, they are such a beautiful flower.


Tulips and Daffodils Spring Wedding Bouquet
The colors in this spring bridal bouquet are utterly breath taking, are they not?  This bouquet, designed by Bella Fiori is the absolute epidimy of spring, featuring tulips, daffodils and narcissis. There is such a softness to this bouquet, visually, which is really beautiful. What makes this bouquet extra interesting is that double bloom daffodils were used, as well as some of the most interesting two toned color options, rather than just the traditional solid yellow, or solid white varieties. This adds a really fabulous element of texture to the bouquet. Honestly, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

The flowers featured above are by Bella Fiori in Washington State, designing flowers for weddings & events in the Greater Seattle & Puget Sound Area.  If you are in Seattle area and are interested in their designs for your wedding, contact them at 425.248.5899. They take on only one wedding per day, so book early.

Pink roses and peonies spring wedding bouquetRoses and peonies in three different shades of pink are combined with cream colored roses and soft filler flowers, capturing the softness of spring. Refreshing pops of orange really make this bouquet for a spring come alive and provide a great twist on the traditional all pastel spring bridal bouquet. From a wedding designed by Always Andri Wedding Design in the UK. Bouquet by Steph of Fairynuff Flowers, photo by Olivia Leigh


Hand tied spring wedding bouquet of tulips, roses and peonies

Tulips, roses, peonies in shades of pastels come together to create a classic hand tied spring wedding bouquet.  Dark pink astilbe, a beautiful, soft, feathering looking flower, is used as the filler flower and provides a bit of color intensity contrast as well as texture for added visual interest.  Choose a fabulous ribbon to bind the stems and complete the look. Gorgeous stem treatments will add just the right attention to detail to your spring bouquets.  Photo by EE Photography, Dallas, Texas.

Purple bridal bouquet for spring wedding with lilacs
A fabulous mainly mono-chromatic hand tied purple wedding bouquet with hints of pink. This spring bouquet design is popping with texture with the inclusion of artichokes (to be distinctive!), lilacs, hellebores, and of course the always popular peony! Photo by Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love ; Bouquet design by : Alexandra Abuza.

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