Single Stem Peony Bouquet

Single stem peony bouquet for wedding

Sometimes a single stem can say so much, as is the case with the single stem peony bouquet each bridesmaid is holding here.  The look is simple, sweet and charming.  The bride carries a colorful peony bouquet mixed with other summer flowers, while the bridesmaids each carry a single stem peony to match the peonies in the bridal bouquet. Each single stem is tied just below the bloom with a white satin ribbon, formed into a bow.

Keep in mind that a good portion of the cost of wedding flowers is in the cost of labor. A single stem cuts down that labor considerably, and that means more affordable wedding flowers. Single stem bouquets are so simple, you could even DIY and make them youself if you are so inclined for even greater cost savings.  A single stem bouquet can be  sweet and charming as shown here with the single stem peony bouquet, or it can be extremely elegant as in the case of a single long stemmed rose or calla lily.  What do you think…?

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