Wedding Pomander Bouquet – Alternative to a Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Pomander Bouquet With Feathers

Feather wedding pomander bouquet by

A wedding pomander bouquet, otherwise known as a Victorian Kissing Ball, is a floral ball suspended from a ribbon loop, carried in place of a traditional bridal bouquet. Brides who want an alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet may prefer to carry a pomander. Its a nice change for bridesmaids too;  a pomander bouquet makes a lovely bridesmaid bouquet alternative.

So, when you want a distinctive look that will leave an impression and be very memorable, consider a pretty wedding pomander bouquet or “kissing ball” as an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet.

We love the feathers mixed in the with flowers in the pomander bouquet shown above, don’t you? They give this wedding pomander bouquet an ultra soft and dreamy look.  This design could be carried by any female member of the wedding party – the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, or flower girl(s).  The size of the pomander bouquet should be adjusted according to who will be carrying it – obviously larger for a bride than it would be for a flower girl.

Shown below, for a monochromatic look, each bridesmaid carries a soft pink wedding pomander bouquet, the same color as their dresses.

Wedding pomander bouquet for bridesmaids.

Similarly, in the photo below, the bride choose a  wedding pomander bouquet alternative for bridesmaids, and as in the picture above, opted to match the color of the pomander to the color of the bridesmaid dresses, in this case dusty rose. But in this case, each pomander bouquet has a little bit of greenery mixed in with it, so the look of the pomander itself is not quite 100% monochromatic (meaning “one color”).   However, by keeping the color of the bridesmaid dresses the same as the color of the pomander bouquet, the overall color scheme is still considered to be  monochromatic.

Wedding pomander bouquet alternative for bridesmaids.

Wedding pomander bouquet for bride - a pomander bridal bouquet.Photo by Maria Taglienti

Here, the bride herself has chosen to carry a wedding pomander bouquet, embellished roses suspended from satin ribbons that dangle from the bottom of the pomander. This is a very Victorian look.  Both pomander bouquets and the tradition of suspending ribbons from the bottom of a pomander or kissing ball are very Victorian traditions.  You don’t see it in the photo, but the roses are tied to the ribbons by little knots.  The Victorians called these “love knots” and this was very popular during Victorian times  The Victorians were very much about communicating through symbolism when it came to love and romance.  It was a very reserved era, while being a very romantic era at the same time.  People had a lot of passion during this period in time, but it wasn’t allowed to be outwardly expressed, so they communicate much of their romantic feelings and emotions through symbolism, like the love knots above, or through the Language of Flowers (different flowers were associated with different meanings, and flowers were used as a mode of communication to convey messages between romantic partners).

Feather pomander bridesmaid bouquet. Photo Credit

For this pomander bouquet, its all feathers, all the way!  And the look is HOT!  Its soft and romantic, yet fun and even slightly flamboyant at the same time.

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