Creative Ideas from Brides – Part 22

DIY centerpieces using cans and bottles for holding flowers

  • I have been extremely blessed with DIY creativity and frugality through out the planning of my wedding – which turned out beautiful! on a very realistic budget.  Just to share a few ideas:

    For the invitations, I used the paper that some may use for wedding bulletins (programs). It was quite beautiful with blush roses as the light background. I downloaded a rather professional free front from the Internet on my computer and then went to the local college and uploaded for a laser printed copy. I went to Kinkos and the guy there was a busy bride’s dream: Quick, efficient, perfect printing. On the inside of the “invitation bulletin”, I included the reception info with my home number so guests could RSVP by phone, and there’s no need for additional postage.

    For the three flower girl baskets, I went to a second hand store and purchased each for under a dollar. I went into the formal fashions section for a dress with satin and sheer fabric which I could cut to cover the baskets. I got the ballroom dress for about $2.00. I cut that baby to shreds to create the most adorable baskets this side of the Mississippi!

    For my flowers, I went to the local Hobby Lobby store. I purchased 5 bushes of silk flowers for 50% off. That adds up to about 175 flowers for ONLY $50!  We simply used tin cans and bottles as vases to hold the flowers – it was actually very charming!

    For the ring bearer pillow, my Mom bought a embroidered pillow from one of the local dollar stores. I bought a remnant of elegant white fabric and I am going to cover the pillow then put a white corded rope to outline it. To top it off, I’m going to put tassels on each of the four corners to produce a rather regal look.

    My advice to any bride is to by all means buy everything on sale. DON’T go with the first thing smoking. I understand the excitement, but don’t allow the bridal industry to take advantage of your lifelong dream. By all means Save, and Save Big! ~ Sherecka Moore

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  • I am planning to ask each of my guests to send a favorite family recipe with the reply card when they respond to our wedding invitation With the recipes I am going to make a recipe book, with a handwritten thank you note inside for each guest.

    For our first dance as bride and groom we will be doing a slide presentation on the wall behind the dance floor of pictures from each of our childhoods, as well as including wedding pictures of both of our parents. My fiancée’s both parents have passed away and I thought this would be a wonderful way to remember them.

    Between both of us we have a total of 6 children. Rather than doing the ‘traditional’ unity candle, we will be having our children light candles on each side, then me and my fiancée with light the center candle together.

    When my soon to be step daughter was married a year ago, she asked me to help her out with the wedding plans. We found a unfinished oval platter and had each guest sign their name on it. After the wedding we had it glazed and fired – It looks wonderful, and the best thing is that is set out to enjoy everyday! Hope you like these ideas! ~ D. Morrison

  • My name is Tamara (Ohio) and my fiance and I are planning a June wedding in Gatlinburg, TN.  Close family will be attending (approximately 30 people) and we wanted them to have something to take home. In searching the internet and many stores, I found the price of everything was so high. Especially personalized items. As we are on a tight budget, I thought I would try to paint my own candles and glassware for the wedding guests. Needless to say, I’m no artist and my first attempt was a complete nightmare. So here’s what I did.

    We purchased: 10 candle globes (one for each family), 28 wine glasses/seven 4-packs (one for each person attending), 10 beer mugs…for the guys…and an enamel paint kit at Wal-Mart in the craft section (Delta brand for painting glass). About $60 in total.

    On our computer we found a Font (letter style) and size that we thought would look good painted on our glassware.

    We typed up all the first names of our guests on the computer and ran them off in the font & size we wanted to use on the drinking glasses. We also typed up, for each family coming, their last names in the same font and but a larger size for the globe candles. With scissors, we cut out everyone’s name.  With tape, we taped the names on the inside of the glasses and candles placing it where we wanted it painted on the glass. With the surface condition (that came with the Delta paint kit) we brushed the surface to be painted and let the glassware dry. With the paint (that came with the Delta paint kit) and a small tipped brush, we painted the names on the glasses tracing the design through each families glasses and candle was done in a different color of paint (glasses match the candles) …except…we did ours and the bridal parties in gold paint. Once dry, you coat the painted section with a sealer and you are done. The package of Delta paint says that the paint has to dry for 10 days…but then you can microwave, dish wash, etc. the glassware. For about $60 we did some really neat keepsakes for everyone to take home and they look like they were professionally done.

    One other thing, my wedding theme is based around a White Rose Garden. Every single flower in my wedding is a white rose – real and faux. ~ Tamara, Ohio

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