Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 10

  • Table for Remembering Loved Ones at Wedding Reception

    Remembering loved ones who have passed at the wedding:  Both of my grandparents, my fiancee’s grandparents, and his father have all passed away. To “include” them in our ceremony, I will carry in my bouquet a flower of their favorite color. While “our song” is being sang, we will place each flower in a vase that is on a small table. The vase will also be accompanied by a picture of the relative, a lit candle and something we remember them by (i.e. like my grandparents had a ranch with horses, so little plastic horses, his father was a pastor and loved light houses, etc…). We are also having two flower girls and a ring bearer. The ring bearer’s little brother is going to carry the family Bible and place it on a holder near his dad’s picture. My purpose is not to make everyone cry, but to let everyone know that these people are still a part of us even though they are no longer here. They helped make us who we are and we are proud.  [Photo Credit].

Melissa & Todd
Amarillo, Texas


  • “Lucky Engagement Announcement”… We recently got engaged and I made announcement cards on the computer. The front of the card said “Guess Who Got Lucky…” with a graphic of two rings. The inside of the card had the engagement information (Chris and Renee, date, etc) and on the bottom I wrote “Hope You Get Lucky Too” . We enclosed a scratch-off lottery ticket in each card. Everyone called us to tell us that it was such a neat idea and we even had some big winners!

Renee & Chris
Atlanta, GA


  • Here is another easy, inexpensive idea for DIY table centerpieces – I went to the local thrift store and bought a bunch of huge glass bouquet vases. They were just 50 cents a piece and just perfect after a little cleaning. I bought six-inch floral candle wreaths at Wal-Mart (about $6 each ) and will put the vase in the center of the wreath. I also bought big, full silk floral bunches, also at Wal-mart, for just $6 each. I simply have to place a floral bunch in each vase and my centerpieces are done, looking fantastic. Not bad for just 12.50 per centerpiece in total. A florist would charge at least triple that for a centerpiece with this much flowers.

Kit B.
Enid, Oklahoma


  • Most mothers would like their daughters to wear their wedding gown. Well, that’s the way it is here in Texas. But I am not the same size my mom was back then, and defiantly don’t have the same taste. So, to keep a part of my mom incorporated into my bridal gown,  my mom is sewing it for me. And to carry on tradition even further, we’ve decided that when I have children, we will take the skirt of my dress and make my future children’s christening outfits.

Melissa & Todd
Amarillo, Texas

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