Fun and Sentimental Ideas from Real Weddings

Fun wedding reception idea - the conga line!

Photo from Fort Myers DJ

  • Here’s a fun wedding reception idea. When it is time for the dancing, the bride and groom head a conga line in which they go around the room and “pick up” all of their guests. This is a great way to get everyone onto the dance floor and loosen them up (including people who normally might not get up and dance, but believe me, once you get them involved, they’ll have a great time)!  ~ Brooke and Diego, Aurora, CO


  • Some sentimental wedding ideas for you. Three years ago my daughter got engaged. She asked me to be her matron of honor. After she stated that I am her best friend, how could I refuse? We then began a wonderful experience that I will treasure forever. We planned an autumn wedding which people are still talking about. A couple of things we did were:In her arm bouquet of off-white silks and dried flowers, I tucked a sachet of dried herbs used in Polish weddings. Tied to the ribbons hanging from the base of the bouquet were her groom’s dog tags – he was in the Marines. We did not tell him we were doing this, but he later told us that he noticed them as soon as she started walking down towards him.

    Instead of a guest book, we had several large embroidery hoops with muslin in them. (I also placed cardboard underneath to provide a solid base on which to write). Each guest could say something special to the couple. We provided fabric pens with which to write. This is going to be the underside of a quilt I will make for her.

    It was a special time, that we will never forget. NOW, my niece is getting married and she has asked me to help her with decorations, flowers, etc. We are again, planning special things throughout the wedding dealing with family! People always think of the planning as being a stressful time, but just take your time, if you can, shop around for the best prices, because budget can be a VERY stressful point…enjoy!  ~ Anonymous

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