Creative Wedding Ideas from brides – Part 24

Ring Bearer Book instead of Pillow

  • I have a nephew whom I care about like he is my own son. He is 10 years old and would be embarrassed to be a ring bearer and carry a cute fluffy pillow. But, I wanted to give him a role in the wedding. I created the role of  “Keeper of the Vows”. My fiance’ and I are going to write our own vows and thought it would be cute if my nephew had a beautifully decorated small “book” in which both of our vows would be written. That way, my nephew has an important role in the wedding, we have a special keepsake of our vows that we spoke that day to each other, and if we need to refer to it while we exchange our vows it is there to keep us from fumbling our words and getting nervous. He will approach us with the open “book” right before we exchange our vows and hold it there until we are finished.  ~Susan McIntire, Glendale, CA
  • Instead of struggling to find small handbag to match the dresses of your bridesmaid or you, look in craft stores to find organza and satin draw string bags to put your lipstick, brush, hairspray, perfume in. If you buy the organza bag one size larger you can pop the satin or fabric one inside the other to make a more modest bag. Alternately, if your dresses are being made you can ask the tailor to make up some bags out the scraps – they are very easy to make! ~Emma S.

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