Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 25

DIY Wedding Ideas - Tree Stump Centerpiece


  • Centerpiece ideas for an outdoor/country / rustic  wedding:   Find someone who sells firewood and purchase a stump/piece of wood with thick bark, enough for one on each table & about three for the head table. Cut a hole in the middle that goes about 3/4 of the way down, place a plastic cup inside with water & then put fresh wild flowers coming out of it. Tea lights can surround the base of the centerpiece.  Alternatively, skip drilling the hole and place a vase of wildflowers on the stump, and then votive candles surrounding the vase. As wedding favors, , give packets of wild flower seeds to your guests to plant and remember your wedding by. ~Jen & Kevin, Ontario, Canada  [Photo: Elevate Photography, Tabernash, CO]
  • My fiancé and I are getting married in April. I found my dress right away and absolutely love it! While trying on my dress I was handed a veil and headpiece to try on. They looked wonderful with the dress but the price tag wasn’t as wonderful. The headpiece and veil would’ve cost me over $200, if you’re anything like me, this is crazy! I checked around with some bridal consignment shops and found my simple, one-tiered veil for $15!  Moral of the story –  these bridal consignment shops are great and I would suggest any bride-to-be to at least check them out, if even just for accessories like your veil. You can save a lot, I did. ~ Stephanie and Jay
  • My wedding is in September. And I am very excited. I have so many ideas and it’s hard to narrow down exactly what I want, but I figured that I would be making a lot of the decorations and favors. I feel it makes it a little more intimate. For my ring bearers pillow I was going to use a ring bears pillow with a box made into it (I saw it in a catalog), but then I decided “Why not make it my self?” So I decide to buy the material and stuffing for the pillow, construct the pillow and leave a 2×1.5 inch space in the center there I will place the box my engagement ring was in. (Both of our wedding ring will be able to fit inside.) The box can be glued inside the center of the pillow. That way I can always have my engagement ring box and makes a great keepsake. ~ Antionette and Arturo, Louisville, Kentucky
  • A word of experience to other couples… We thought disposable cameras would be a good idea for documenting our wedding reception. Unfortunately, several children and teenagers got hold of them and very few of the pictures turned out. If I had it to do over again, I would have had a member of the wedding party hand each camera to a trusted adult to take pictures. We had originally planned to just use the disposable cameras for our pictures (this was a second wedding and a very small budget). Fortunately, my step-daughter’s date took professional-quality photos as their gift to us! ~ Fran & Phil
  • I love Karaoke, but I don’t get to go very often because I’m allergic to cigarette smoke. So, I’m planning to have Karaoke during the dancing part of the reception! Guests will be encouraged to serenade us. I’m hoping to find a way to record each of the songs to make souvenir discs to be sent out later with the Thank-You cards.
  • I am currently planning my own wedding. It is quite interesting because I am a wedding coordinator. So I am always thinking out of the box. The favors that we are doing are instead of traditional place cards we will have candied apples wrapped in cellophane with a “leaf” hanging off of the stick in the apple. The “leaf” is the name and table number of the guests. In addition, to that they will take miniature apple pies home. It costs less than $4 a head. ~ Loleta Beckett
  • My fiance and I met online. At first I was embarrassed by that, then I decided it was a part of us so why not incorporate it into the wedding? Instead of throwing the traditional bridal bouquet, I’m planning to print out profiles from online dating services onto paper in a variety of colors, and I’ll fold them into paper flowers. Tie them up with a ribbon and toss these out for the girls to catch.  Maybe the next lucky bride will meet her future husband online like I did, too! ~Leah and Josh

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