Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 27

Unique Wedding Ideas - Rain Bottle

More Wedding Ideas From Real Brides…

In Case It Rains…

I have been to many rainy weddings. People who are superstitious such as myself think its bad luck.  An idea for nice way to turn that luck around… catch the rain water from the wedding day and put it in a nice bottle or jar (airtight so it won’t evaporate). Present it to the bride and groom to baptize their first born child with ! My friend’s Mom was in tears when someone did this for her daughter’s wedding!

New Jersey

DIY Wedding Stationery Ideas

I helped both of my younger sisters plan their weddings and now I am planning a wedding for myself and I’ve got a ton of creative and unique wedding ideas! I printed all their invitations and enclosures on my own computer as one of my gifts to them with paper packages from Office Depot. They were actually quite elegant.

Even though I have more money to spend for my wedding than they did, I still plan to print my own wedding invitations as well. One idea I found right here in an article on SuperWeddings to save a little money is to have reply post cards instead of the traditional cards with envelopes. Who keeps their reply cards anyway? We used this idea for both my sister’s weddings (thank you SuperWeddings!) and saved some money on postage since post cards are cheaper to send.

We saved quite a bit on the stationery because we bought plain card stock and cut it ourselves. Decent card stock is only about $10 per pack. Guests also found it much simpler to fill out the card and pop it in the mail box than to hunt for that envelope and we didn’t feel we’d wasted so much on guests that did not return theirs. I think this would also be a smart option for those getting their invitations printed by someone else.

I also had some unique ideas for wedding ceremony programs. I bought elegant cotton paper for one sister’s wedding, and parchment for the other sister, and printed the wedding programs on my computer. We rolled them up and tied them with ribbon. It only cost about $12 in total and made a nice wedding keepsake.

Grand Blanc, MI

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

I’ve got unique wedding ideas to share! I am having a French colonial theme wedding. Starting off with the historical background gave us many great ideas for our wedding, and we finally settled on the voyageur canoes as the idea for our wedding favors. We have unlimited access to birch bark that is on the dead fall trees near where we live and we used this for our little diy wedding favors project. We folded a square of birch bark together and trimmed the ends until the little canoe takes its shape. We sewed the ends with sinew and filled the canoes with 3 Hershey’s kisses. A very inexpensive and creative idea to extend our theme. It was also a eco-friendly, green wedding idea since our birchbark wedding favors were also re-usable and biodegradable.

R. Craig
Upper Michigan

Creative Idea for Wedding Centerpieces

My friend got married 2 years ago and we came up with some of our own unique and creative wedding  ideas.  I was asked to make her flowers and her wedding reception table decorations. We were on a very tight budget so I came up with the following ideas for wedding decorations.

Buy one medium size fish bowl. Any crystal clear bowl would work but the fish bowl was pretty cheap. I hot glued some elastic around the bottom base of the bowl. Then hot glued blue and white silk roses around the bottom on top of the elastic . I added short pearl strands and babies breath in with the flowers.

We bought some blue colored stones for the inside of the bowl.

Next add water and a rose shaped floating candle

Then add strands of silver pearls (her colors were blue , white and silver). Drape the pearls from the inside to the outside of the bowl and let them lay on the table in a loop form. Add white votive candles inside the loops and place on the reception tables.

I had so many compliments on this simple but beautiful wedding centerpiece idea – its great for those who are on a tight wedding budget.

North Carolina

Tons of Creative Wedding Ideas

I am getting married in a few months and my soon-to-be tells me I am trying to have a million dollar wedding for a hundred bucks thanks to all my creative and unique wedding ideas. Here goes…

We both have been married before. I also have four sons so I tried to find ideas to cut corners. I bought my dress and veil at a consignment shop. I made my own ring bearer pillows – both of my younger sons will carry one. I got the material from the remnant section at our fabric store.

At a little used junk store I bought 2 baskets that I decorated with lace and then added silk flowers of our colors which gave me my flower girl baskets. I also bought 8 blue glasses (short ones) and added peach and white satin ribbon roses and lace, then added white votive candles from the dollar store for my wedding centerpieces.

I purchased the toasting glasses for ourselves and our attendants at a flea market and painted our names on them and added flowers to the base.

Here’s an idea we will use to honor deceased loved ones at our wedding: During the ceremony we will light a candle for each of our deceased fathers, and for my mother who has passed, to honor them.

We also will have a medallion ceremony for my children. I was able to find a family necklace online for $9.99 each – much better than the $30 and up price everywhere else.

I bought most of my silk flowers on sale and made my own wedding bouquets and even one to toss. I won’t have to worry about them wilting, and I wont have to pay to have my bridal bouquet preserved since they are silk.

My sister in law will make my wedding cake, but I made my cake topper using a miniature gazebo and bride and groom doll, then added small flowers and pearls in our color.

We will make our own reception food to save even more money, and will have disposable cameras at our reception for reception pictures so we won’t need to hire a photographer. Candids are so much more fun to look at than posed photos anway. My soon to be brother in law will videotpae the day and take our pictures since he has a great camera.

The flower girl dresses I bought for $15 at an Easter clearance sale. The bridesmaid gowns were only $40 each at a store at our mall during an after-prom clearance.

I made my own unity candle. I bought a tall white pillar candle at Walmart. Using finger nail polish, I painted the top of stick pins in our colors and then pushed them into the candle to fasten a verse and our names and date. I then glued on some silk flowers.

My invitations were also made inexpensively by going to Staples where I purchased a software kit and blank invitation paper. I then went home and simply followed the directions that came with the kit.

My list of creative wedding ideas could go on, but these are a few things to get some of you going. Hope I could help.

Pattie and Wayne
Springfield, West Virginia

Frugal Wedding Ideas

I am getting married on June 22, 2002 and have only had a month to plan my wedding and limited funds. These are my creative wedding ideas: 

We are getting married outside on a river lot at 6:30 in the evening. I have found a few ways to cut cost and I would like to share them. Maybe my ideas could be helpful for someone else’s wedding.

To start, I made my own wedding invitations. The main flowers I am using for my wedding floral arrangements and bouquets are daisies, and I found some really nice paper with daisies printed on it and used that for the invitations.

Secondly my invitations were remailers. If you are not familiar with this idea, what you do is print your wedding information on a standard piece of paper. Then you fold the paper in three sections like you would to mail a letter. Then on one flap you put the address of the person you are mailing it to. On the other flap you put your address and a stamp. This way after people read the invitation they just refold the paper (but the opposite direction) and send it back to you.

Another way I am saving money is on my flowers. I am using cut, fresh flowers that I will arrange myself. Daisies and Black-eyed Susan’s. I am also going to use honeysuckle. It is pretty, not to mention it smells great. These flowers grow wild where I live and don’t cost anything!

To save money on food I am having a covered dish reception. I am asking everyone who comes to the wedding to bring their favorite dish. We are going to supply chicken breasts for everyone but the side dishes are up to the guests. I’m sure some people will have some neat ideas for what they will bring and it will make our menu very interesting. I love the element of surprise and I think my guests will enjoy it too!

I got my wedding dress right after prom season and found a white gown I liked for $40.00. I got a dress for my daughter at a consignment store and only paid $10.00. If you shop around for your wedding and think with creativity, it is amazing the deals you can find.

The best advice I can give anyone planning a wedding is ask your friends and family. You will be surprised at the ideas they will come up with, the things they have that you can use to save on costs, and the hidden talents you didn’t know about.

My fiancé’s Uncle is supplying all the tables and chairs for our wedding reception. His Aunt is bringing the tarps we need as back up in case it rains for our outdoor reception. A friend of the family is a D.J. and is going to do our wedding for cheap. My mom is making my wedding cake and my soon to be sister-in-law is making all the wedding flowers and reception decorating.

I hope my ideas help! Wish me luck!

Crystal Lease
Bentonville, Virginia

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