DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 28

Creative DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

  • My wedding is still 17 months away, but the ideas are definitely starting to flow! I want to have candid photos of the reception to experience the moments of my guests in which I miss, so we will be having disposable cameras at each table. But we won’t have to go through the expense of buying the cameras because my clever matron of honor is going to request that each guest who attends my bridal shower bring along a disposable camera – instead of the usual recipe, utensil, etc. It will help with reception costs, but more importantly it will allow my fiance and I to capture the candid moments of our reception.  ~ Jamie and Robert, Nebraska [Photo Credit:].
  • My fiance and I are getting married in May. I wanted the big wedding with lots of people and lots of flowers… the whole nine yards. Well, when it came down to buying everything we needed there was just no way it would fit into our budget. So I decided that in order to still try to have the big fancy wedding I wanted, I would DIY a lot of things. I made our flower girls baskets out of baskets I found at the dollar store… got a can of white spray paint and painted them… bought some really lovely white lace from the dollar store along with some silk flowers and – BINGO! I had a flower girl basket! I’m not much of a crafter but I have to say it came out a lot better then I imagined it would. So I then thought about making the ring bearer’s pillow too. I went to the nearest fabric store and bought some satin (that was on sale to my surprise), and along with some left over lace from the flower basket project, I made a really beautiful DIY ring bearer’s pillow. I also found a set of ordinary wine glasses at the dollar store. I then went to the craft store and bought etching cream and made our own elegant toasting glasses! After making almost everything I needed, right down to the garter, I had saved enough money that I was able to get the dress I so wanted! So my advice to anyone, even if you aren’t that crafty, is make what you can! Go DIY!  It saves money and you’ll create some wonderful keepsakes. It’s also nice to know that you did most of the decorating and made most of the things yourself! ~ Heather, Montpelier,Vermont
  • I have decided to be somewhat different in some of the wedding details. Instead of the regular guest book, we have decided to ask one person – a family member – to be in charge of taking a Polaroid photo of each couple/single who is attending the wedding. The picture will immediately be placed in a book, and the guests can then sign whatever they wish at the bottom of the page under their picture. This way we can not only remember who was there but what they looked like on that day, with the background of the reception also in the picture.Our other ‘different’ idea is the reception itself. We are having our reception on a boat cruise thought the Toronto Harbor Islands. It will cost about the same as renting a hall, however the view is much more exciting!  ~ Angela Brooks and Derek Barfitt, Toronto, Ontario
  • I am planning a Fall wedding and for my wedding favors my guests will receive a dried fall leaf in a picture frame, with our names and wedding date written on the leaf. What better way to capture the essence of the season.
  • I am engaged and will be marrying in one year. All of your ideas here are very helpful. There are so many decisions to make. My fiance and I met online, through an online match-making service. Not all the guests know this. So we want to incorporate that somewhere in our reception but not go overboard. We thought for favors we will have mouse-pads printed with our names and wedding date. ~ Anonymous
  • At our wedding, which will be half Chinese, we will have both a guest signing book and a beautiful red satin cloth. The cloth is a Chinese tradition. It is pretty large and has the design of a phoenix and dragon on it, which represent fertility. The guests will all sign this and afterwards we frame it. It is a wonderful tradition that can be used by couples of any background to add something a little different to their day ~ Stephanie Basquez
  • I am getting married in October and I came up with a very clever idea. I am making CD’s with the songs that mean something to us. The CD includes all the songs we will have at the reception, plus some additional ones that we love. I purchased vinyl CD sleeves and made my own covers. I included pictures of us on the front with our names and the date of the wedding. I also made the inside page which includes the songs and I included a little thank-you poem that I made up on the back cover. Time consuming but worth it… each CD only costs about $1.50 to make. What a nice way for our guests to remember our special day for years to come.  ~Katie & Norm, Pennsylvania
  • I am getting married this summer and am going crazy with ideas. But, my mother came up with this one. When the wedding party walks back out of the sanctuary (or wherever the ceremony is being held), play “Zippidee Do Da, Zippidee Aye.” It’s a cute song that tells everyone how happy you are to be married to that special person!! ~Katie R.,Yellville, AR.

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