Creative & DIY Wedding Ideas From Brides – Part 29

Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Picnic Wedding in Park

  • My fiance and I are planning our wedding on a really tight budget. We decided to have our wedding in a beautiful local park following with a picnic style reception. I am an artist and he is a musician, so we are bringing a large, nicely bound sketchbook instead of a guest book, so our guests can sign, write, or doodle in it. We will also include what he has made tradition at holidays and special events with his family and friends and invite anyone with musical talent to bring an instrument and play. Even people who aren’t musically inclined can play maracas or dance and we’ve had a lot of fun this way. I am only making a double layer cake for the wedding, but I think it will be beautiful. I’m going to make swans out of cookie dough and then frost them and put them on top of the cake in the center of a blue sugar glitter pond with little dove decorations all around the edges. ~ Daniel and Beth, Escondido, CA  [Photo Credit: Parties by Birds & Bees]
  • Here is my idea for a wedding favor. My fiance and I went to thrift stores and rummage sales and found all different varieties of wine glasses and champagne flutes (glass ones). We filled them all with candies that had wrappers that matched our wedding colors. We then took clear cellophane wrap, cut circles out of it, cut a slit in the middle, and fit it up the stem of the glass, and around the glass. We gathered the cello and tied a ribbon around it. Our guests will each receive a one-of-a kind unique glass along with scrumptious candy! Because the glasses are all different, it will be an eclectic mix, which should make it interesting. Almost in a shabby-chic sort of way! (I heard shabby-chic weddings are trending!) ~ Gillian P
  • On the back of each place-card, have the guests write how they came to know the bride and groom or their fondest memory of the two. Then the couple can put together a scrapbook filled with cherished memories.Also, we are donating all leftover food and flowers to a local homeless shelter. Its a nice gesture, and besides, what would you do with it all anyway? ~Melissa and Ben, Delaware
  • Bridal Party Invite… My fiance’s groomsmen live out of town (NY). We wanted to be creative in inviting them to be in our wedding. Instead of a phone call, we made each intended groomsmen a video of my fiance dressed as a hillbilly from the South. He is from New York and pretended to be a “red neck”. He wore a coonskin hat, bubba teeth, and sat in front of the GA State Flag. You don’t have to do a video as outrageous as ours but you can do a video for bridal party members who you do not have an opportunity to invite in person. Imagine their surprise when they view the video! We labeled the outside of the video tape with an email address and phone number so they knew to contact us right away. Everyone is talking about the video and how funny it was. ~Renee & Chris, Atlanta, GA
  • I have decided to be somewhat different, Instead of the regular guest book, we have decided to have a picture of the two of us blown up to poster size and then have it matted. The guests will all be asked to sign the matting. Then the picture will be framed and we will have the picture of us that all of the guest have signed hanging on the wall forever, to remember this special day. Don’t forget to date the picture at the bottom… ~Cheryl Bond and Daniel Dubois, Saco, Maine

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