Creative Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 30

    • I am planning a Winter Wonderland Themed wedding. I have been exhausted trying to come up with some original ideas and so far I have thought of the following:  The ceremony and reception will both take place in the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier (Chicago). I chose this venue because it is encased in glass windows – hopefully it will snow that night! I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than that! Navy Pier also goes all out for Christmas decorations. Its one of the most beautiful places in downtown Chicago for that time of year. Here are my ideas:

      Ceremony:6 Bridesmaids (wearing navy blue satin dresses lined with navy blue fur) will carry a candle down the aisle for a dramatic effect, instead of bouquets.

      2 Junior bridesmaids (ages 7 & 11) will carry a white muff to accent their navy blue satin dresses.

      My flower girl will actually be a “snow angel”, complete with white dress, white wings and glitter snowflakes in her basket.


      White cake with a snow globe cake topper or an evergreen shaped cake. I have been trying to find a bakery which will do this but, so far, no such luck.

      Snow Village (borrowing my mom’s collection) to be set around the cake as decoration.

      Mini-Evergreens with white twinkle lights as centerpieces.

      Silver bells engraved with our names and wedding date – will serve as alternative to rice and will double as a wedding favor to cut costs. Just tie a navy ribbon at the top & voila, we have an ornament!

      I’m designing a Winter scene – White Tree with lights, White park bench with fake snow, complete with a winter’s night backdrop (available for rent from party supply stores). I think that will be quite different for the guests.

      Hope these suggestions will help inspire some of your visitors. Thanks so much for the help you have provided to me!  ~Patty M, Chicago, IL

  • Wedding Ideas… My wedding 1 year and 4 months away, however I have already started planning. Some people think that I am jumping the gun, but there is so much too do, and giving ample time really helps with the financial end of it. We are having an outdoor wedding and I have three flower girls. I just came up with an idea for the flower petals the girls are to throw while walking down the isle and thought that I would share it with anyone who may want to do the same. I have saved all of the flower blossoms I have ever received from my fiance from the time we met, in hopes of someday finding a craft project to use them in that would display them appropriately. However, just the other day I came up with the idea to separate all of the petals from the flowers I have saved, and then use them as the petals to throw on the day of my wedding. Although the petals will be dried I think that this will be a memorable way to use these flowers which I have been saving for 2+ years!! ~ June Bride, Manitoba, Canada
  • We are going all out with our DIY guest book. We are purchasing instant cameras that take smaller photos and a black paged photo album. Prior to signing the guest book, each wedding guest will have his or her picture taken upon arriving at the reception. Then it will be glued into the album and the guest will sign below or beside the picture with gel pens in a variety of colors!  A great memory of our guests on our wedding day, and it makes the guest book so much more personalized and meaningful then just having them sign their name. A great way to remember each guest! ~ Anonymous
  • Having a spring wedding? Many of the dresses available for proms are just as nice or even better than some of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Another benefit – they have many sizes of one style and you can take them home that day! Prices are usually WAY   better too!  ~ Jody & Jamie, Providence, RI
  • At our wedding (a second marriage for both of us) my fiancé and I would like to do something special to honor my parents and his mother, who are all deceased. At the point in the ceremony where the parents of the couple would normally be seated, we will have our two great nieces (one his, one mine) each carry a small vase of white roses (2 flowers in one vase to symbolize my parents, 1 in the other vase to symbolize his mother) and place them on small flower stands on either side of the chancel.So that our guests understand the symbolism of this gesture, our program will read: “Presentation of Flowers: Given in loving memory of the bride’s parents, (Names), and the groom’s mother (Name).” We thought this would be a nice way to pay tribute to our much beloved parents on this important day in our lives.  ~ Anonymous
  • I was enlisted to decorate for a wedding.  As I worked with my niece (the bride) we decided that the head table really needed to be the center focus. Often times as seen at many weddings, the head table has a white table skirt, a flower arrangement and a few candles. We wanted something very special so we purchased a piece of nice carpet (remnant) from a carpet distributor, they finished off the edges for us, and we placed it just under the first 12″ of the head table. Thereby, it did not affect the wedding party pulling their chairs in and out, but colorfully accented and defined the space of the head table.We were working with dark blue and silver, (the carpet was dark blue), table skirt was white fabric with sheer overlay. We selected silver candlesticks, silver urns with white flowers, silver charger plates, silver champagne flutes for all the bridal party, (blue napkins were displayed inside the flutes), these items were all placed upon a beautiful blue organza table runner.There were two huge floor urns at each end of the table in a weathered blue plaster and they were filled with gorgeous live ferns. We then created a “tent” affect above the table, with sheer white fabric that was stamped with romantic sayings. The fabric was hung from three dowels (suspended with fishing line from the ceiling); one directly above the center of the table, mounted higher than the other two which were hung directly above the very outside of the table on each side. The fabric was then draped over the center dowel, across and over the two end dowels (we stabilized the fabric with double-sided Velcro) and then puddled on the floor on each side of the table. (We kept the tent hung more over the back half of the bridal table to be safer as there were live candles burning). A garland of fresh flowers was then draped across the front of all three dowels and attached, to finish off the front of the tent and camouflage the dowel ends. Crystals were then hung from fishing line from each dowel (crystals were suspended at different lengths). Three smaller bouquets were attached to the dowels at the back end of the tent to balance the weight of the front. Approximately five feet behind the bridal table we brought in live trees and lit them with white mini lights. When we lit the candles for the bridal parties entrance the sparkle and glow was fantastic. My niece always wanted to feel like a princess and I think we helped her do just that.
  • Perhaps another lovely bride can make use of some of our ideas. I am not in the bridal business just yet, but am so in love with weddings that I will be discussing taking your course with my husband this very evening. I have searched and compared some other sites and am most impressed with yours. Thank you so much. ~ Bonnie Wager, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Hello There SuperWeddings!I looked at lots and lots of favors, but wanted to come up with something original. As both my fiance and I are Scottish, but getting married in America, I wanted to bring the true Scottish theme into our wedding. For the favors, I bought a couple of bunches of white Heather, ribbon the same as in my fiances Alan’s Kilt, and printed off sheets with his last name “Kelly” written horizontally. I wrapped the Heather with Alan’s Tartan ribbon and then attached the strip with the Kelly written on it. I think it’s a beautiful well thought favor for the lassies – “Heather Kelly” – my new married name!As we have both been married before, we didn’t want to go through all the ponce and inviting aunts and uncles we hadn’t seen since the year dot, we decided to get married in America and then have an evening reception in Scotland when we get home for close friends (basically a good old knees up!) A friend I met on the internet a few years ago is to be marrying us. We are to have our wedding vows taken at the bottom of a Skycoaster (kinda like a bungee thing?) and then go up and really “take the plunge”!! ~ ~Heather-Jane (Bride), Alan Kelly (Groom)
  • For my upcoming wedding I wanted to do something different. For the reception, when I did the guest list and the table seating, instead of having table numbers I had table names. I had a total of 14 tables and the hall had numbered them 1 – 14, so I thought up 14 different words that would describe love, and even some that have to do with a marriage, and put them at the tables. When my guests checked in they were told to go to the table of “love”, or “happiness”, or “promises”, or “romance”, etc.  ~ Shavon C., Chicago, Il

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