Creative Wedding Ideas From Brides – Part 7

Creative wedding ideas from other brides - guest sign in sheets

Wedding Ideas from Rebecca
Like many of you I am on that endless search for fresh, original wedding ideas. So here goes a few…
  • Someone here had the idea to have bridesmaids carry candles instead of bouquets. Well, I simply loved it, but I’m having an outdoor wedding, so wind could cause problems.  The solution is to have lanterns. I am getting a nice lantern for each bridesmaid and groomsman. They will carry the lanterns up the aisle and place them on the rail of the gazebo in the garden where the wedding will take place.  To make things even better these lanterns will be my gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Who doesn’t love a nice, ornate lantern that you can set out on the patio while you’re sitting around on a nice summer night?  [Unsure who else to give gifts to at your wedding? See article: Who gets gifts at a wedding?].
  • In each invitation I have included a few silk rose petals. I have asked my guests to bring the petals back with them to put in the flower girl basket when they arrive at the ceremony. The rose petals I am sending out with the invitations are red. As guests arrive, they’ll be asked to add their red petals to the flower girl basket. Just before the ceremony starts, the maid of honor will mix in white petals into the basket of red petals. The white petals represent me, the bride; the red petals represent the love we have for our guests. When the flower girl goes up the aisle, tossing the petals, guests will feel they had some part to play in the ceremony.
  • My mother and I are making a wooden arch to put behind the bride/groom seats. On this I will put Ivy (from the dollar store) and use the white light in the rose petal idea that I read elsewhere here in the Brides Ideas on SuperWeddings. The instructions for doing this are written in that person’s entry.
  •  I  am marrying someone from a different culture; one of the traditions of his culture that we will do is this… The bride and groom each get into these comfortable basket-looking chairs and are then lifted up by people at the reception. It becomes a kind of dance with the crowd holding up the bride, and the crowd holding up the groom, circling around each other to the music.  Blending cultural traditions into a wedding as much as possible helps to make it more unique, personalized and meaningful.
  • A fun and meaningful tribute to marriage at the reception: Finally, I will also have the DJ play a certain playlist of songs that I’ll personally handpick. The first song will be for all couples, the second for married couples only, the third for married for five years or more, the fourth for married for ten years or more…etc.  The goal is to have the longest married couple be the only dancing pair left in the end, a great way to honor grandparents or parents!~ Rebecca and Jalal, Belleville, NJ

Wedding Ideas from Aimee

I have a few no-fail, unique, tear jerking wedding ideas.

  • Jon and I will face the congregation throughout the wedding ceremony instead of having them stare at our backs. Immediately after we say  our personalized vows, our officiant will ask all the married couples to stand, face each other, and he will lead them in renewal vows.
  • Our parents will present the sacraments before we take communion and speak their blessings over us as part of the presentation.
  • Because the ceremony and reception are in the same room, my decorations will do double duty – a cost saving strategy!  I am having a garden-theme tea style wedding (indoor). We will have lots of silk ficus trees with white twinkle lights on them to decorate the room and give it that enchanted garden vibe. There will be ivy garlands around the perimeter of the room. Our chuppah will be constructed of garden lattice with arches cut out (DIY!), and silk floral garlands strung throughout.
  • The guest book will simply be individual sheets of paper  passed out to the guests. We will ask them to share a special memory pertaining to us, and we’ll compile the sheets into a book later. Or we may use a simple spiral bound note book, with a plain cover and have guests write whatever messages or words of wisdom they would like to offer us in there.
Aimee & Jonathan
Mesa, AZ

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