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Tropical Wedding Ideas

I’d be delighted to share my ideas for a tropical themed wedding. It would be nice to know many others are benefiting from my ideas. I know it would have made it easier for me had I found this type of  web site last year!! We got married in Jamaica, and then had our reception when we returned home, so I wanted a reception with a “tropical” theme. [Photo Credit]

Here are the ideas I came up with for my reception:

First , I used a lot of sea-blue coloring in my decor scheme. That combined with a colored flowers helped to bring forth the tropical theme quite easily.

I had a guest with us in Jamaica who had a digital camera. Many photos were taken and displayed on a laptop computer in the entrance of the hall at the reception. Also, we displayed the video from the wedding on a T.V. in a different area of the hall. Collages of our trip and wedding ceremony were also posted on walls.

I lit a couple of pineapple shaped candles in the entrance by the guest book.

I rented 3 nine-foot artificial palm trees at a local party store and displayed them at each end of the head table, as well as one directly behind the middle of the head table.

I bought green fishing nets and draped them at the front of the head table. I also found small colorful artificial glass-like fish and suspended them in the net.

For the centerpieces, I rented 9” diameter glass bowls. I put one in the center of each table, filled them ¾ full with water, and added blue food coloring to it. I put 3 colorful fish candles in each bowl, and floated some colored flowers. Around the bowls, I scattered tropical confetti (there were suns, starfish, palm trees, fish, octopus, etc..).

From the ceilings of the hall, I hung miniature white lights. Each strand of lights started from the center and made its way away from it. There were 6 strands. (I wrapped the strands in tulle for a more elegant effect). At the center where all 6 strands met, I hung a large, bright sun. There are many tropical cardboard decorations at party stores. I had cardboard pineapples scattered here and there.

Another neat ideas is to play Bob Marley music during cocktail hour.

Also, our reception was a little “different”. We sold tickets instead of preparing invitations…kind of like a Jack & Jill. Because guests bought tickets to attend, we specifically made clear we did not want gifts.

We therefore had door prizes such as baskets filled with Jamaican flavored rum, fish napkins and colorful pitcher and glasses; and we also raffled off other bottles of liquor.

Our favors consisted of 5 tea light candles wrapped in white tulle which was tied with rafia and a little label (with a palm tree on it) Each tealight had a label around its aluminum base with the words “LOVE”, “JOY”, “HAPPINESS”,, “MARRIAGE” (in different colors).


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